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The Enchantress (Poem)

Updated on April 6, 2017

A Passion Everlasting is Hard to Destroy

Written by, Joshua Prentice

Word Count: 302


Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Fantasy

The lost and forced winds blew as if there were nothing to describe the natural emotion of things. Crossing the passions of a time without fear I stood at a great distance infuriated. Lost within the essence of mystery. You stood within a forbidden flame drifting through the air. Dancing on wind as if it were lust on fire, and it was at that point that I realized you were more than just an angel. You completed that in which made me whole. You completed who I am the only difference is now I have drifted down this road with you. Walking the path searching the deserts, and seas for an answer to a long-awaited question. That is when shall you come back and lay in my arms? When shall you fall desperately in love with that in which makes us truly meant to be? What will it take to have you dance underneath the moonlit twilight with me once more? Can you feel my presence? Can you seek deliverance within my passionate embrace? Or have you forgotten that in which we held so dear. While the storm has faded the blazing fires of torment have set into our lives. Where do we go from here sweet enchantress? Where do we place our feet for a long-held hope, of a home so far yet so close? So, close yet so invisible to the naked eye. Do not worry dear enchantress we shall find our place entwined amidst the crystal seas. Drifting within a journey of memories. While magic consumes the souls of the lost. We become one with the truth, and that is we will, always seek each-other out because we are all we have ever had.



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