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~The Feast of Life~

Updated on March 4, 2012


Through total submission to God, we embrace his blueprint on life...




Its been a long time coming and a hard journey here

keeping up with progress was the challenge with all the changing years

all the different people we've met along the way

its like playing emotional monopoly on a hot summit day

the economy is suffering, families loosing their homes, faith of the nation has been ruptured peddling marbles beneath stones

yet through all the kaos, tragedy and despair, the wondrous star of Christ is still standing here, the greatness of his glory miraculously appear, through a kind gesture of love our own hearts are healed, enabling our souls to submit, be renewed and fulfilled

let us all rejoice hallelujah his love for us was so grand, he gave his only begotten son to save the souls of man

that love shook heaven and hell and pissed the angels off, their jealousy was so great they sealed their own fate, yet Christ unselfish act broke open heavens gate

God's heart was overwhelmed as he reached down for his seed, his emotions overflowing as he said this is my son in which I am so pleased

his life was a testimony, his death, the ultimate sacrific, through his kind gesture of love, God's word was truely fulfilled and his glory forever revealed, so let us all come together in the spirit of peace and celebrate life at God's miraculous feast



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    • Karen Russell profile image

      Karen Russell 8 years ago