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Updated on January 9, 2014


So my journey starts today being Tuesday. It has been really a stressful one considering that I have been looking for my phone since yesterday. It started Monday when I plugged my blackberry in a friend’s shop only for the phone to get wings and disappear. Dazed, confused, amazed and mad; I had words of pain to utter but remained mute because the owner of the shop agreed to help me find the phone. Last night was hell because I was sleepless but I managed to scale through my moody state.

It wasn't easy when morning came as I hurriedly left for the woman's house. But the worst was yet to come. As I was waiting for the woman, I heard shouts, cries and muffled laughter.

It was some yards away from the main road. Right inside the gutter lay a dashing beautiful girl. She wore a white gown with a tight fitting white trouser and a high heel shoe. Fair, tall and beautifully carved with the pen of perfection, and adorned with the best of cleavages. But she was in the gutter, twisting, convulsing and panting. Her white apparel soiled by the dirty water from the gutter. She must have drank some too. The gutter was big enough, at least able to take two more persons and deep too. It was uncompleted and the iron rods that should have been covered are easily visible. The irons carved tattoos on the beautiful lady's body as it dug holes on her fair and supple skin.

I was taken by surprise that I even forgot about my lost phone. I remember, it was in February - the season of Valentine – that was when all these took place. Men and women, boys and girls Frolicking around in twos, each holding hands all in the name of Val.

'The love of the season is really infectious' I told myself

But I know the aftermath had ugly consequences. You know the rest…

So the beautiful girl was also dressed like many others. In fact, she was the cynosure of all eyes considering that her beauty was intimidating and eye-catching. Her attire was mesmerizing and she could easily have passed for a beauty queen. She had a man by her side, someone who by his appearance commanded enormous wealth and affluence. As they strolled out of the five-star eatery, smiles decorated their faces and from the look of things, they must have had a good time.

Suddenly, the girl stopped as if magneted by a powerful magnet and before a twitch of the eyelid, she flung herself above the floor with the high-heel shoe at her mercy. It was a silent act but it attracted more than enough attention. Straight into the gutter, she landed. Her eyes were wide open, stretched and white. She struggled with her hands as if she wanted to be released from an evil grip. Her head repeatedly banged on the water-filled cement floor as her legs and hands twisted and outstretched with so much force that you do think her dead. Blood gushed out from her body, hands and head as she struggled inside the gutter.

We were all dazed, even her man became a spectator too. He was not only afraid, but he cried like a baby. He mourned like someone who just lost a loved one. He was helpless, watching with horror-filled eyes in pain. From the look of things, it must be his first time.

I even heard that they were engaged to be married but the incident brought a dent and the man later called-off the wedding.

'Weyo allah! Weyo allah!! Weyo allah!!! '

exclaimed the Hausa man near me. He had his hands on the head and his face frowned with his mouth wide open in surprise. A dirty overall 'kaftan' is strapped to his black body. A bald hair and a face packed with many tribal marks nearly made me chuckle. He was something else.

I just folded my hands totally bemused, flabbergasted and in shock. In the distance near the tap, a girl wailed uncontrollably as if she had been beaten. She was taken away from the horrific sight by sympathizers. Everyone watched helplessly in whispers, mumbled talks, silent prayers filled the air. Suddenly, white foams formed on the beautiful lady’s mouth as it gushed out with each struggle.

I was still busy watching her face, the small eyes have become so big, white and wide, her heavy breathing, painful and forceful struggles, injured and bloody body and the stained white cloth reminded me of the futility of life.

‘chei! What a pretty girl… how can this happen to her nah’ a girl by my side said

' chai! Okwa nu Epilepsy ooo ooo'

Another short ugly looking guy muttered shaking his head sideways as if someone asked him a question. Side-talks, rumors and gossips all barricaded the already stuffy atmosphere stenched with sorrow.

It took more than 30minutes before the violent attack subsided and to her, it was painless because she showed no sign of hurt when she became normal. Finally, she went quiet and composed. When she did, she rose up to the dismay and embarrassment of the throng of crowd who were eyewitnesses to the drama that just unfolded. Even among them that sympathized, some were very happy.

'Oh what a beautiful girl' many exclaimed

'How can this happen to this pretty damsel' some murmured

'Ah god! This is very painful' many others remarked

I just watched in dismay. The girl's man was nowhere to be found. In the pandemonium, no one realized that he had left. His red 2013 Nissan Murano Crossover V8 was no where to be found.

The girl struggled out of the gutter as people feasted on her as if she was a ghost. She walked aimlessly as people avoided her. In fact, they ran away from her. Suddenly, she slumped on the main road. Her torn cloth was colored, body dripped of dirty water - the color of tea. Blood dripped from every part of her body and she was seriously injured and hurt. I sheepishly watched with a blank mind. Gladly, a car stopped by and a man came out and carried her inside. It caused traffic holdup and brought many spectators from all over the city; a huge crowd of people came to watch the free drama. The queue of onlookers made up of idle men, Okada riders, ugly looking girls with stretch marks, boys with tattoos and school children who prefer to walk about rather than be in their classes. One by one they dispersed each with a story to tell. Some people later said the car that took the girl was driven by the girl's brother. They too were rich. I just turned and left to look for my phone.

I was ready to raise fire and brimstone at the woman's place. But the woman called me and asked me to exercise patience. According to her, she knows the person that took my phone. Then, I waited anxiously my heart beating faster like that of a man whose wife is about to put to bed. I waited patiently to the extent that I turned a prayer warrior overnight. It was really a list of long hours in a short time. The outcome will be a story for another day...

*Epilepsy: is a disorder involving episodic abnormal electrical activity in the brain and numerous seizures. It is also a chronic neurological disorder characterized by seizures. It could be recurrent and unprovoked...

Do whatever you can to help someone with such disorder, don't run away from them.

It is time for action….

A piece of creative writing bƔ

Alexander Thandi Ubani

A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.



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    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 3 years ago from Lagos

      @Quipper, bro am just not even that good. Lol...

      Thanks for the morale boost... Am honored.

    • Drive By Quipper profile image

      Drive By Quipper 3 years ago from Wrong Side of Town

      Man, you are a good writer. Very deep!

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 4 years ago from Lagos

      Thanks my wonderful Ruby.., your approach to issues remains greatly remarkable. I am blessed having you around. Bless you ma'am

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      That must have been a scary sight. Epilepsy is a serious disorder and your poetry brought that fact to the forefront. Well done Thandi..Thank you...

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 4 years ago from Lagos

      Thanks Sir, there is always a lesson for everyone... Thanks for reading

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

      the message in your short was frightful but vclear very well spoken in word format Uban..voted usefull and awesome :)