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~The Hidden Christmas Tree~

Updated on January 14, 2012


Reaffirming Reality against transition...


~Changing The Rules~

Theres a little christmas tree hidden in a box

I take it out year after year to decorate the house

Its already coverd with silver drums and bells

it even has miniature red ribbons drapped around it like a lappel

to top it off and set the atmosphere I bought a miniature silver star the following year, it has its own special table in the corner of the room with a red table cloth to give it a slight boom

yet theres a mystery surrounding that little tree and I've often asked myself what it could be, with all its fancy festivity, how could it bring such adversity?

it comes ready equipped and we add christmas gifts beneath it to give it a lift, candy canes to give it a bang, but that little christmas tree always seems the same

then christmas rolled in and I pulled out what should have been glee, but in that moment I begin to see, I had packed away my joy of living along with that little tree, in doing this I was missing what God was trying to share with me

In allowing me to feel the adversity he was showing me, its alright to have a tree, yet I was giving it all my hear and energy, thus it had robbed me of my peace and serenity

the love of God plants trees and we are the nourishment in the seeds, as our little tree grows we blossom and mature, allowing the branches to spread, flourish and soar

when the season's over and our little tree begins to shed, that doesn't mean we are dead, it just means its time to rest we have given God our best

I now know my time could have been better spent on something more significant, a more worth while charity than that little tree, but what ever my choice turns out to be, I'm getting rid of that little tree



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    • Karen Russell profile image

      Karen Russell 7 years ago


    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Karen Russell,

      Beautiful. God was telling you to spend your time better - oh, my, we all need this!

      You are a truly great poet.

      Your work is simply remarkable.

      Thank you so much! Keep up the great work here. You brighten my days.

    • Karen Russell profile image

      Karen Russell 7 years ago