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The Journey of a Broken Heart

Updated on August 2, 2016
Boss Lady Mae profile image

A Best-Selling Author who writes passionately with Beauty, Power, Confidence, and Control

The Most Beautiful Heart

Once, there was a beautiful heart contest held in a faraway land. It was an annual contest of who has the most beautiful heart. People from all over the kingdom came to witness the event. A man stood on the stage and said, "Listen to me, all of you! I have the most beautiful heart in this land. Look, it sparkles and shines. No one has ever broken it. I have never shared my heart, nor accepted any love from anyone. You see, my heart is just beautiful!"

People clapped and were in awe of his lovely heart. It was indeed shiny and sparkly, without even a single scar nor any tiny lines in it. There wasn’t a soul present who could compete with this man’s gorgeous heart, so there wasn’t anyone brave enough to challenge him. Everybody was glued to their seats as they trembled in fear while he dared them to come on stage to try to beat him.

How to Make Yourself Beautiful?

After ten minutes of flexing and showing off, an old man, who showed no fear, decided that he had enough of the young man’s loud mouth. He walked boldly on stage in front of the crowd to face this arrogant, bully. People began to shout cuss words at him because he was old and his heart was filled with scars. He stood firmly and said, "Yes, I am old. My heart has been broken many times. I have shared it all these years with so many folks and they have shared a piece of their heart with me, too. My heart is so ugly because it was broken a thousand times. I have failed several times, but I also stood up many times. However, you see, the greatest lesson this heart has ever learned is the gift of knowing how to listen. The heart has ears and eyes that no other organs in the human body have. Knowing how to listen makes a person more beautiful. Yes, you may get hurt countless times. Nevertheless, I found out the most amazing thing about listening is that you find yourself--you will begin to figure out for yourself, who you are and why you are here, alive and breathing.” With his head held high, the old man continued to speak to the crowd. “I will freely put my disfigured, ugly heart that had listened, been shared with many, and broken too many times, up against this shiny, beautiful heart that never listen, never been shared with anyone or broken.” Pointing at his opponent, “do you think this selfish, despicable, flamboyant little man with a good-looking heart on the outside, but his heart on the inside is nauseating, is worthy of the most beautiful heart’s title?”

The Wisest Decision Ever Made

People began to look at each other. They were ashamed of their behavior and couldn’t even look at the old man, once they realized everything that he said was true. The king declared the old man as the winner and rewarded him with a chest full of gold. The old man refused the title and the gold. He told the king, “I do not want any riches. I am content with what I have. All I ever wanted was to make these people realize that a beautiful heart does not need to be a selfish one. It can be like mine, a heart that is willing to listen. A heart that can adjust, understand, and makes people feel that with you, they can share everything--that their secret is entirely safe with you." So, the king immediately announced, "Let everyone listen! Please listen to me! Today, we have all learned a valuable lesson. It will be known that from now on, this contest will no longer take place in this kingdom. It’s banned for life. Let our land be free from selfishness and may all of us share each other's joy. This is so ordered by your King!” Everyone cheered gleefully, “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”

© 2014 Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae


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