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~The Journey of a Slave~

Updated on December 1, 2014


Touching on emotions, torment and impacting the state of mind that weighs on a person in chains...



Torment, anguish, rage and disbelief filled the air,

as the waves thrashed against the hull, chains rattling, soulfull cries of pain,

as the bowels of our ancestors spilled over into the dungeon of their despair.

Bodies that once sat on thrones, lead whole nations, built pyramids for homes,

now lay beneath a cold dark mass of sweat, blood soaked tears of disillusion, torn flesh and the smell of death surrounded them,

leaving a mark engraved deep within the core of their souls that would never fade.

The moon, in shades of purples and gray, slithered through the cracks as the wind carried their spirits away, a song in the depth of their heart hummed,

of a time long ago, long before shackles, long before their nation was rampaged, long before they found themselves in a bottomless pit succumbing to their fate yet, clinging to a life that once held courage, strength, dignity and sovereignty.

A ripple in time, severed from homeland, tribes, love ones, leaving them to mourn on mountain tops crying out, while days turned into months, months into yrs., compounding all their doubts and fears.

Sun, that use to bring rays of hope, now burned in the depths of their souls like ever lasting coals, hidden beneath a fire that wouldn't cease. As they gazed out over the horizon longing, sobbing, endlessly.

Exhausted from the weight of humanity, voices, whispering in the winds of the waves, lying next to the dead, rotting flesh of their tribesmen, beneath the stinch of lost, abandoned bodies once warrior's.

Kings, Queens, Tribesmen, suspended in anguish, mounted one on top of the other, like cattle cast out to be hearded into a corral of silent death, screaming out from a living tomb.

Tormented cries of anguish, in the depth of an ocean cave, trapped in a perilous dungeon,
_That was the Journey of the Slave.



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