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Updated on May 8, 2017

Late is the night, alone cold drizzly night.
Street lights shine yellow light, piercing the dark night.

Hardened pavement beneath. Wet glistening shadows encroaching the sides, not a soul in sight. Only shadows and silhouettes mimicking life.

One feet after the other, minutes turn into hours.
Only the sole of the shoes can be heard, probably thousand miles in the head.

Thumping with each stride, still calmness pierce the heart.
Fear creeps up the spine, goosebumps raising hair on the nape.
Only a madman can brave this night!

Dragging the tired feets after the other, shoes kissed pebbles with no trouble in sight.
The long dark road is scary alright, not until you walk a mile or two without light.

Only the sanctuary of cold bed can relax the nerves
waiting for you to warm it up in deed, to recover tired and weary legs
Comforting not until you've reached the end...

© 2015 Jacob Manase


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