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Updated on July 14, 2009


Where wilt thou lead me, o elusive path ?

To fantasy lands, or to dangers abound

To fame, to richness, to success galore,

Or to the misery of deserted shores ?


Wilt thou lead me to the land of knights ?

Where live and thrive beings so bright,

Or is it that thou has reserved for me,

Nothing but a silent, forlorn plea ?


Will I have for my company wise men from abroad,

Or be in the midst of simpletons in droves ?

Will I journey to lands unknown,

Or maybe stuck up with endless chores?


Will i find that true, real friend,

For whom I have been searching for so long ?

Or will i be left to say once more,

Next time,surely I will find friends in a throng


Will that day indeed never come,

When I be able to walk hand in hand

With perfect friendship,and clarity of mind

Happy at finding what i had long sought to find


My reason tells me, this instant, stop this quest,

For never will you find peace, neither rest,

Till you let go this foolish hunt,

A search for that which is never to be found.


But then my mind, o my fanciful mind,

Bakes over and says, carry on my friend,

For one day, you are bound to succeed.

The plant which you dreamt of will rise from its seed.


Though that day be long long in coming,

Do not give up, neither do despair.

For when in doubt, turn to the Power,

Who is always there for you and hold you dear.


Thus now i know what I did not before,

Though I may not be the mistress of riches galore,

Ir be it that fame may not knock my door,

Or that friendship eludes me once more.


Still i will survive, Still i will persevere

And work for the well of those i hold dear.

Fame and riches do count for me,

But what is still more important you see,


Is the happiness of my own folks,

Which i can give them by never losing hope,

Leadig a life of virtue, of peace,

And living with them, feeling at peace  .



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