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Updated on December 7, 2010

the spy who loves mr president

Fr Kenneths Identity Card: Driving Licence
Fr Kenneths Identity Card: Driving Licence
Fr Ken: An Investigator and a Diplomat
Fr Ken: An Investigator and a Diplomat
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi: A  Catholic Theologian?
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi: A Catholic Theologian?

the spy who loves mr president


Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

Flat 24, Block 6, Road 12

Federal Housing Estate Woji,

Woji Road, Port Harcourt



Friaday, November 19, 2010.

His Excellency

Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan


Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


From the wealth of data available on the prophetic desk as sponsored by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Fatima, the depleted political fortunes of the former gap-toothed dictator has been further excavated and illuminated, not by the coarse ineptitude of President Jonathan’s administration, but by the equivocation, subversion and deception which have been the distinguishing trade-marks of a mischievous political party which the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is and shamelessly advertises. While Rotimi Amaechi “believes” in the PDP dogma but faces the risk of expulsion because he pretends to practice something else, and while Ikedim Ohakim baptized this PDP madness “New Face of Imo”, and as Theodre Orji has bought the PDP terror Walking – stick at a huge cost to Abia treasury in the name of “Abia Liberation” so as to become more invincible in his terrorist activities; and given the permutations of terrorism in Nigeria in their respective intriguing plenitudes, the selection of General Aliyu Gusau ahead of PDP’s Congress as the Presidential Candidate to fly the Party’s flag is nothing but an exercise in Satanic Induction., Gusau is IBB’s plan B effectively accomplished. Atiku Abukar is just being used as a front to swerve public opinion. The formular at work is aa/ouk -2011.But the operative formular is CITY – 2011. I must admit that everyone has the right to contest for any political post. Be that as it may, the secret attempt by PDP to fool everybody and satanize the entire nation by violent intimidations is an abuse of the right to religious freedom. Terrorism is not the new face of PDP. It is its real face. The emergence of General Aliyu Gusau (rtd) is not about the interests and liberation of the North, it is about the further terrorist enslavement of the North. The deteriorating security situation in the country is a stinging satire on the capability and sincerity of Aliyu Gusau, former National Security Adviser. To understand that Gusau voluntarily resigned from office, not to protest his dissatisfaction with the embarrassing security lapses, but to showcase his long-term ambition to un-sit his boss and rule Nigeria is to uncover a pseudo coup against the President, Goodluck Jonathan.

The mortars that boom from the militant camps in the creeks of Niger Delta and which echoes are devastatingly felt in the field of national economy, the kidnapping business that thrives in the Southeast, the resurgence of terrorism in the North by Islamic fundamentalists, the satanically induced failures of our national institutions and statutes, the evolving syncretic attitudes with the corresponding moral decay, and the conscious cultivation of the culture of cooperate harlotry for both men and women either as fornicators, adulterers, lesbians and homosexuals are different packages of what the World Union including its institutions like PDP hold in every of their yearly budgets for Nigeria. The fact that Gusau has beaten you Mr. President to the PDP game goes to confirm my earlier prophetic statement, sponsored by the Blessed Virgin Mary, that you are a very lonely late comer to P.D.P and a physically challenged person in the Aso Rock power-game who cannot find accommodation under the PDP big umbrella. To have been very stubborn, in the judgment of PDP, by challenging the PDP arrangement to the point of forcing IBB to chicken out of the presidential race is what it means to be reduced to a zero point and perpetual misery by the World Union. This reductionist exercise is governed by one of the most effective principles of the World Union brotherhood which states that:

“A drop of blood of one of us spilled by an unbeliever, a usurper or an impostor is at the same time, an ocean of the blood of all of us”.

Unlike you, Chief Obasanjo being a retired general can afford to maintain a certain level of security around himself outside the corridors of power. Here is the root of my deep worries not only for this humble and unassuming personality shot into grace and limelight by providence in the person of Mr Goodluck Jonathan but for all others who have wittingly committed themselves authentically to see that this 50 year old child which Nigeria is proving to be does not eventually degenerate perpetually into an imbecile dwarf.

As it stands now, the real battle for the soul of Nigeria can only be fought and won by a General who is at the same time a patriot and a democrat with a passionate hatred for PDP. In this regard, Major General Buhari (rtd) is the only sincere contender to the presidency and the most qualified given the stubborn presence of the World Union in Nigerian politics. To realize lately that you have been sleeping on “a mattress of maggots” and have been covered with “a blanket of worms” all along in Aso Rock point you out as a man who is politically naïve, emaciated and emasculated. This is not an indictment. And forgive me if it turns out to be an insult. But it has to be pointed out that our dear country Nigeria is mysteriously trapped in global Satanism. The visible face of this Lucifer is the ruling People’s Democratic Party. Wole Soyinka is a wise man for bluntly refusing to serve under a PDP led government. Even as a Chairman of a drama group at the University of Ibadan, a determined and focused Wole Soyinka with a PDP ticket is a candidate for total failure unless he under takes to play the role of “Odewale”, the lead character in Ola Rotimi’s play “The Gods Are Not To Blame”. He even warned his bosom friend Bola Ige but Ige thought that participant observation in PDP could reveal some hidden inroads to a better and more prosperous and corrupt free Nigeria. Notwithstanding his intellectual sagacity and many years of personal experience in politics, Ige was proved wrong – very wrong! The PDP path leads to nowhere except to the Zoo for all unbelievers or infidels which you and I are. The diagnosis of terrorism, corruption and administrative failures that have been ignominiously tagged as navigational route signs to 21st Century political Nigeria must have to relate back mainly to the annulment of the June 12 election won by Mooshood Abiola of SDP and which was acclaimed to be the most freest and fairest election ever held in Nigerian history as an independent nation. Beyond this, it signaled the beginning of the real healing, forgiveness and re-union which were essential vitamins for the survival of a post – civil war Nigeria as Christians voted for a Muslim- Muslim ticket, Ibos voted along the axis of defunct Federal troops and the North willingly relinquished power to the South. To be fair to IBB and to drag the icons of truth to the address bar of the Web for additional search results, it has to be stated that IBB’s self- succession plot at that time was just a front for the monumental Satanic invasion of the Nigerian political landscape conceived by the World Union under the visible form of PDP. IBB was not alone in the willful murder of Nigeria. The action itself was treasonable. For PDP to field Gusau as the candidate to take over the reigns of power from you, whether you believe this or not, amount to a replay of the old but interesting movie “The Spy Who Loves Me” in your life after you vacate office in particular and on the national life in general. It is a hand over of the baton.This fact goes beyond wishes of good luck for you. In this regard, you can play the role of a Jonathan in the life of a David which Major Gen. Mohammed Buhari (rtd) is by allowing the people’s will run its full course once again. It is another opportunity for the Nigeria that was murdered in cold blood as symbolized by the annulment of June 12 and the eventual demise of Abiola to rise up to a new and more matured life. To hang on the support of Europe/America pretending not to be aware of the full and unflinching support of South Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Osama-Bin-Laden for the opposition is an encrypted decision to turn Nigeria into another Somalia or Burundi. The presence of Europe/America will not abate the impending armed struggle. It will escalate it beyond expectations.

Again, a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) holds a step in the direction of total disintegration of Nigeria. A Constitutional Review Committee in its neighborhood put together and handled by a collegiate effort of the Democratic and Human Right Bodies / Activists and freedom fighters in the likes of NBA, Save Nigeria Group, Nigerian Union of Journalists, ASUU, Labour, etc, independent of government interference, will serve as a decisive democratic roadmap to a more united and prosperous Nigeria in the hands of a Buhari presidency. Giving the quality of dialogue and team spirit which are his trademarks, the Vice Presidency of Peter Odili under a Buhari Presidency represents a strong rebuke and a total suppression of Father Christmas in government circles and a re-assurance to apprehensive minds about the good intentions of a Buhari presidency. It is the bet of heavens that it is either you are the last president to be produced by that Satanic Secret Cult called PDP, or you are the last president of Nigeria. In reality and given your humble background, I am fully convinced that you are not a product of this Satanic Cult called PDP but that you are a Moses in the palace of Pharoah.

The forthcoming April 2011general election holds only two promises for our dear country Nigeria – a more peacefully united and prosperous nation under a General Muhammed Buhari presidency or the total disintegration/ somalisation or burundilisation of Nigeria. In my capacity as a Catholic priest, a spiritual director, a private investigator and close confidant of Our lady of Fatima, despite the encumbrances that scream loudly from the backyard of my humanity, I hereby counsel you Mr. President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that it is better to watch the movie “The Hard Way, The Only Way” from the big Plasma T.V. in one of the very palatial sitting rooms inside Aso Rock than to turn your entire life and that of the Niger Delta into a sarcastic theatre for a live show of the old movie tiltled “The Spy Who Loves Me”.

As your neighbour, and still reeling in the shock of the devastations that have greeted us in Abia State by the kidnapping saga and eventual occupation of the Ngwa land by the Police, SSS and Army, I say, in a typical Ngwa dialect “Haa! Dee Joe, lekwadi anyi o!

The J. T. F. is doing a nice job. No doubts! And they deserve every sincere commendation. But Dee Joe, now that the Amnesty has collapsed (to believe otherwise would be delusional) what may likely jeopardize your patriotic efforts and sincere security concerns for the Niger Delta and thus confine you to the dustbin of history will be the emerging fact that you are part and parcel, and in fact, the leader of an oppressive colonial regime that led an armed struggle against the authentic yearnings of your own people in the Niger Delta for self-actualization. Is there any better definition of a traitor than this? Your efforts to inaugurate your own presidential boat which has failed to win divine approval is a strong invitation to evolve a new platform upon which you can stand to realize your lofty vision for your brothers in the Niger Delta. As Mr. President and the Chief Security Officer of the nation, your effort to bring sanity into the volatile region is not just a demand on your office; it is a chronic need which serves me better than you because I am a resident of Port Harcourt City who cannot afford three square meals a day, what more of raising money for ransom. But as a bona fide son of Niger Delta, a National Review Committee in the neighborhood of Sovereign National Conference that is superior to a National Assembly that has transformed itself into a gathering of rich fools and a meeting of nincompoops is the passport you have to return to Niger Delta when you leave office in the next few months. To ensure a free and fair election that will bring in Major General Mohammed Buhari to power, irrespective of the risks, will eventually win you a seat and a crown among past and present leaders of the League of Nations and thus write your name in gold in the Guinness Book of records. The former president Chief Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo was resolutely on this path to nationhood but he stepped on the banana peels which the evil genius put on his path and watched helplessly as greed and vindictiveness chart a new course for him in executive rascality. In as much as we appreciate the sincere visionary ideals of the elders in the like of Pa Edwin Clerk, we also have to be positive about the facts on ground.

This letter comes to you as a Love Note from the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima. Your wife Mrs Patience Jonathan, Nigeria’s First Lady has nothing to worry about with regards to this Love Note which comes from Our Lady, Queen of Nigeria to you the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR. She only needs to visit “evurulobi” or “Marysrose” on the WEB(Hubpages An open letter to Mr. President, Umaru Musa Yar’dua to learn more.

I am,

Yours Faithfully,

Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

08060396112, 08057572657


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