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The Unexpecteds

Updated on February 11, 2020

The Unexpecteds


“Gosh!”a chill ran down Mira” spine and she searched for something to cling to in order to prevent her falling down. Even if she falls down, Mira have to put herself back to place as she and loneliness were the inmates of this apartment.

After the first tide became peaceful, Mira told to herself-“You’re fired, from now onwards my livelihood is at stake. Need to digest this bitterness too.”

Unexpected it was that she could not attend the office for the last two months as Tom had left her alone forever which she is unable to believe even today. It was her personal loss and nothing to do with her office. So nothing to say in this matter as this was what they could do, wait for this long.

Unexpecteds are almost always shock giver or happiness blowers but there are exceptions. In between these rains and thunder storms, they do bring sunshine and rainbows.

Walking home one day, if you slip and fall down, ending up with a fractured leg, then again that unexpected is painful. Next one or two months you will have to suffer physically as well as mentally due to that unexpected mishap.

Sometimes these mishaps can be due to our own carelessness. May be if we had watched our steps we might have prevented ourselves from falling down .Just the same with Mira too. She took too long to accept the reality that Tom is no more physically present with her but she need a job to support her.

The unexpected rain had drenched you completely on your way to the office in the morning. If you had kept an umbrella always in your bag, then the scene might have been different.

It was Sayal’s birthday which even she had forgotten. But at mid night her friends came and took her to the roof top. What she saw there was the most beautiful surprise she had ever had. That was a birthday to remember forever as she had always dreamt of a birthday celebration on the roof top at mid night. Sayal could not believe even after theses many days that she had actually celebrated her dream birthday. This day is a golden memory forever.

Rainy on her way home from work, had bought that Lottery ticket to help that crippled man. After three days when the result was declared, Rainy had won the second prize of a $30,000 , she couldn’t believe it. This unexpected showed her the way to clear her long time debts and lead a peaceful life hereafter.

Some unexpected are too beautiful that they can leave you with a truly amazing life here after. Amanda had met Ray at a Pastry shop eight years back. Every day she saw him and after a year or so, he had proposed to her. But as he does not belong to her country and do not know Heartbroken Ray left the place and for the next eight years there was not a single word exchanged between them as well as they never had a glimpse of each other. In the meantime, Amanda got married as well as divorced after a month long married life

Unexpected was their meeting after ten long years and there was only one question on his lips: “Will you marry me?”

Amanda was surprised to know that all these years no other girl could take her place in his heart and was only her forever as he had told years back. Her past had nothing to do with his love for her.

Amanda had nothing else to think now than to say “Yes” to him.

But that decision was the best ever in her life as he had filled her life with love that she had wanted all her life…the way she had wanted it to be…a fairy tale love…a forever kind of love.

Unexpecteds….they are those unwelcomed guests who turn up at that moment in life that we end up cursing them many a times…Sometimes they are reminders of our carelessness too….Whatever it is, they are also an inseparable part of our life.



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