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The Meet and Greet

Updated on December 31, 2014

There I was waiting for you to arrive, I was meeting you for coffee and a
Bit of conversation.
It was our first meeting and I was sitting there wondering how it would go.
When I turned to face you as you called out my name, your eyes met mine
As you briefly kissed me on the lips, sparks flying and my heart jumped
To my throat.
There before me so close with his arm around my waist, stood the most
Awesome looking man this woman has ever Met.
Eyes so compelling I felt so totally drawn to them. Blue as the sky as a peace fell
Over my soul.
All the while we chatted it kept running through my mind just how easy it is to talk
To you with no boundaries at all.
I found myself wanting more of this compelling and wonderful man.
Where are we heading now? To the alter I hope, but if that is not happening then
I will ride this joy train for as long as the Lord will allow.


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    • ladybugJudy profile image

      Judy 3 years ago from Texas

      There is a happy ending to this Meet and Greet Poem, I married this man on March 23rd 2015. We had been dating for 10 months and 20 days~ He is the most amazing and loving man I have ever met.

    • ladybugJudy profile image

      Judy 3 years ago from Texas

      Jo , I am so happy you liked my poem.

    • Jo Harley profile image

      Joleen Friesen 3 years ago from Alberta Canada

      I love emotional writings when it draws me in and I'm right there in the moment! I voted beautiful, and keep practicing your wonderful talent. I want to 'hear' more from you! Thanks:)