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Poem - Live, Laugh, Love

Updated on January 30, 2014

We Shall Overcome

Just follow the rainbow inside your heart.
Just follow the rainbow inside your heart.

Living Through a Nightmare


Are you feeling loss and discouraged, impatient maybe? It's not easy understanding how it feels for a person to be lost in it all. We have all been there.

Living through a situation we feel is so deep, so supernatural, so unreal. We have all cried, some harder than others.

Our emotions take hold and we dwell, we change and become someone we are not, holding on to the hurt.

The hurt embellishes us, paralyzing our natural existence; our surroundings don’t have a clue unless we have shared our feelings.

Feelings of loss, betrayal, disappointment, or whatever is eating away at our soul bringing us down shoving us into the dark side.

We cannot stay in the dark forever, it just is not our way.

Eventually, with no warning we have climbed toward the light and passed through the nightmare.

We do not even know how unless we look back, but the light is so warm we just move forward embellishing the warmth from our loved ones.

We breathe deep and sigh and go about our day.

Rushing here, working there, all the hurt fading as we go on. We don’t learn the lesson, and repeat this process.

As we grow and over and over through our lives the hurt comes back, our inner shackles respond.




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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      I'M first , yes , This is a interesting. Makes me think. and read again and again. Excellent.