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"Three Hot's and a Cot"

Updated on January 10, 2012


Addressing how bad judgement and incarceration effects a family as a whole, humorous, yet brutally honest...


Incarceration is a hard price to pay, but evidently you wanted it that way

now your calling home every month for a box, I'm sorry baby, but your children need those sox

your angry and bitter all the time, calling me everything but the child of God

running my phone bill up with collect calls, threatening me with hostile obscenities, yet I'm not the reason they won't set you free

you made a bad judgement, it was your call, why should we all have to take the fall?

you want me to put money on your books, you worser than a common crook! if i cut corners just to appease you, what will our children do?

now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be cruel, but in life theres one common rule

self preservation is the first law of nature and self is asking me, what do I tell your children when they inquire about daddy? do I tell them a lie or just admit that your caddy?

how do I make them understand why their daddy can't tuck them in? or make them see, that prison isn't in their destiny? erase their fears of inherited indignity?

how do I console them when their tears overflow, thinking about all the yrs. daddy has to go?

who's going to play daddy on fathers day, when they can't visit, because your in a lock down facility?

So, self told me, I know it breaks your heart and it may get a little lonely behind those bars, but it was your judgement call, so you and your attitude can shake the spot, at least you have three hots and a cot



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