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Voyage To Heavenly Inspiration

Updated on September 14, 2014

Jump Start Your Inner Muse

In order to clear the cobwebs from the mind, it helps to start with:

  • Doing some simple stretches and exercises
  • Sort through past journals and poetry notebooks
  • Take photographs
  • Edit photos on your computer
  • Meditate

Inspiration Is A Sensation

"Motivation is the muse, allowing writers to cut loose". Remember to consume your "muse juice" every chance you get. Awaken the creative center and let that spirit take a meditative walk through the fine greenery of the forest. As the inspired spirit sits by the babbling brook, she or he takes out the coveted journal and writes. The forest is imaginary, with the sunshine separating the clouds, like a transparent, illuminated fairy. This may appear to feel weary, even scary, as the apparition descends from the heavens and touches every green leaf, magically changing it to red, orange, yellow or brown. Metaphor has opened the door and released its store of enchanted phrases, words and praises; need I say more!


Sleepy Shadow
Sleepy Shadow | Source

A figure of speech is what I preach. In the previous passage, in the worded message, is a simile. The sunshine is compared to an illuminated fairy. Doth that appear to be interesting? Personification can be integration of nature and her objects, or as your grade school teacher explained, "Persons, places or things". "The sunshine touched the running brook, leaving it to babble". Synonyms and antonyms, my muse doth sings hymns when these words come in to play. Synonyms are words having the same or just about the same meaning. On the other hand antonyms are words meaning the opposite of one another. Does that mean that "opposites attract"? What is a magnetic sentence!

Kindle Your Interest


The boar was a real bore

Into the room he tore

Settling the score

Craving for more.

What's a homonym Jim? Let me define at this time the word homonym. It is not a bowl of cherries or illuminated fairies, the definition is: Words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have a different meaning. The previous poem illustrates my point. There are many more examples of homonyms that a writer can conjure up in the potion called creative writing. If you possess a notion of how to stir the potion then, by all means, go for it!


Keep In Mind

With writing fiction and nonfiction articles, poetry, prose, novels and short stories

  • Remember to use (if you can) homonyms, synonyms and antonyms
  • Metaphors, simile and personification gel well with creative writing
  • In all writing endeavors, use correct spelling and punctuation. The exception is in spoken language.

I feel a creative flutter and my engine is starting to sputter. I must write before my brain melts like butter.


I have a little kitty

She is so warm and soft

She lives in our house

And sleeps in our loft.

We have a little dog

Her name is Little Spot

She slept by the stove

Because it was so hot.

The bird loved to sing

Inside a cage of metal

And play on her swing

Her reflection on the kettle.

The fish loved to swim

Inside the aquarium

Hurried in a restless mood

To catch his flakes of food.

Won't you come and join us?

We'll be a party of six

We'll play in the parlor

On our piano and drumsticks.

The cat's on the bed

The fish's in the bowl

The bird's in the cage

And the dog has a cold.

She sings ah choo. ahh choo all day

The bird flaps her wings

While the fish swims away

And the cat meows all day!

What an animal family

We're happy as can be

Visit and you'll see

The happiest in the county!


Spontaneous Combustion

Whatever your vision have you come to a decision to awaken your creative spot? It could be cool or it can be hot! Whether or not try taking the shot.

Savor the flavor and feel very joyful.

Enjoy classical music, written by Walteufel.

Skaters' Waltz spins around the turntable,

78 r.p.m looking like a fable.

Use a different spin

Try a homonym

How about simile

In your poetry?

For Example

Words that are opposite in meaning. Is this an example of what?

See results


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    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 3 years ago

      I've never been good at English grammar...this was interesting and educational...loved the Poem!