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TV choice

Updated on November 9, 2015

Depending on which channel you watch,definitely makes a difference on the quality.we in Britain pay £154 per year to an ancient institution that is too stuck in it's ways to use advertising on its stations,it would rather shaft people every year to watch atrocious programmes that are repeated over and over again.2 billion a year to have lavish parties,I worked there,I have seen first hand the money the is a disgrace,maybe MPs should take up a good cause,campaign to get tv licence scrapped.

TV today

TV today,is sometimes a bit crap
Some programmes bore you want to give the maker a slap
BBC is always the same,repeat after repeat,only they're board set to gain.
Run by half wits,ponses and twats
Frittering away my licence money,spoiled brats.
Ran by snobs,lords and dicks
I can think of more words,that rhyme with dicks.
Abolish tv licence,advertise like the rest
Stop filling the coffers,tv would be at its best.
Stuck in its ways,never set to change
Move with the future,endless programme range.
Government needs to change,the way things are ran
TV should never be run,by one single man.
Getting away with it,robbing me for years
Sometimes the hypocrisy,drives you to tears.


People power

in my experience and from my country,most people cannot afford a TV licence,even with this sad fact we are still forced to pay out for continued BBC dross.they have departmental parties every Christmas,some departments when I worked there were allocated £12,000 for a custom bar,not including the free bar for each department.think of how many departments the BBC has,then times it by roughly 10,000 , that's a lot of TV licence payers money frittered away.

Protected Privelidge

The BBC along with Banks and oil companies,and energy suppliers are afforded a huge amount of protection by our supposed elected representatives.when MPs or other egotists with some semblance of power are asked the question of abolishing the TV licence scheme,they are always trying to worm their way out of answering the question.they all see it as a magnificent example of Britishness. The Government of the UK point blank refuses to penalise the banks that the British public owns stakes in(yet see none of the cash) when each year they lose Billions of pounds of public cash.The Government in power constantly blame the previous government for the problems.

they are pathetic,the public are getting sick of the excuses,all their future entails is getting their lazy behinds booted out of power.long overdue.

Taxi on demand.

When I worked there, the BBC has accounts with taxi firms to be on call pretty much 24/7. They take small parcels in their taxis,sometimes big ones all over Scotland ,then the taxi fares are billed on account.there used to be roughly 5-10 taxis every hour taking parcels everywhere,instead of having an account with couriers,they would rather fritter money away to taxi companies all year round. The maths are scary, 5-10 taxis every hour-£30-£50 per hire,365 days per year.that's a huge amount of TV licence payers money.

BBC see nothing.

Abolish TV licence ,get BBC to use advertising as a source of raising revenue.

See results

Previous reporting.

many years ago now i reported these facts to the famous BBC TRUST.i was basically given the run around,sent from department to department,wasting hours on the phone.all I got was denials and fobbing off.its a disgrace the amount of public money this antiquated organisation is allowed to waste year in year out.


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