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Take Me At Twilight (Poetry)

Updated on May 28, 2013

Dear Lord
I know you will be calling for me soon
But please take me at twilight
And not at high noon

I have so many things
I still need to do
Many more memories to create
Many more people to say "I love you" to

I want to see my kids grow up
See them raise children of their own
I need enough time
For all my sins to be atoned

I've lost my soul
And it hasn't yet been found
I feel like I've let
So many people down

Please lord
I just need more time
So if you call
Please call at the clocks last chime


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    • frankieonfire profile image

      frankieonfire 4 years ago from Eureka, CA

      time, time, time - it's such a fascinating thing isn't it? Gravity forced it, Dali was fascinated by it, Einstein captured it, explained it and was ridiculed for knowing it, and poet upon poet (including me) has toyed with its feeling of fleeting. You captured the hurried rush of purpose and pleading for more more more time very well.

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Ahh but given such writing talent and profoundness of his words... perhaps we are the more fortunate for the ability to always read and remember his works...

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      I just read it, thanks for the suggestion. I never read his writing before and it's a shame I'll never have a chance to talk to him about it.

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      This reminds me of Cris A's poem 'I want to die on a rainy day' - sadly he died too early and we lost a great artist and talented poet... there is never enough time... and if there was.. I'm sure many of us would find more words to write, more reasons to hope and more dreams to explore... enjoyed reading your time.. take care.. PD

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      A different approach, yet still an important message. thank you

    • wayne barrett profile image

      Wayne Barrett 4 years ago from Clearwater Florida

      It's hard to keep from watching the hourglass...and how quickly those last grains seem to run out.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      A beautiful poem with a poignant reminder that the clock is ticking and there is still so much to do.

      May we all go at twilight and not noon.