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Take Me to Adventure

Updated on December 29, 2018
Take me to Adventure
Take me to Adventure
Renee's Fantasy Rose
Renee's Fantasy Rose | Source

In the Moment

A poem was birthed one day as my attention went from the computer to the ray of sunshine splashing through my window. I sat in silence basking in its illumination.An awareness of the moment washed over me and I knew I needed to take a break and be in the moment.

Looking out the window I smiled. My long time friends and residents, the maple and pine trees, were cloaked in majesty, strength and beauty. Each one standing stately on its brown barked leg. The maples boasted its big leaves displaying magnificent, rich hues of rust, yellow and a multitude of greens. I looked to the pine trees, we had planted as babies, and marveled at how they had grown. They were soaring far above me, standing firm in their cone shaped elegance.

There are few things that strike my fancy more than a beautiful flower, especially those blossoms that release a delicate sweet scent delivering and wafting pure pleasure to my senses. The brilliant and exquisite colors of the flowers on my porch and in my yard sent trickles of delight charging through my veins.

As I gazed at all of the wonder contained in my yard alone I inwardly bowed to my creator and thought, "How great is our God." He is the originator of color and design and there is no one who comes close to reproducing His genius.

Standing there entranced, my mind went back to years gone by when every day was an adventure. It was a chapter in my life when nothing was impossible and time stood still. Creatures, wildlife, flowers and more were just waiting for me to enjoy and explore.

As I sat, reflecting on the many adventures of my childhood, the deepest longing to recreate those days took root. The words to this poem began to formulate and take shape. I quickly scribbled my thoughts down. After getting it all out on paper I lingered and basked in the words and the emotions they evoked. I welcomed my friend Nostalgia and yielded to its sweet embrace. My heart was filled contentment and joy.

Fragrant Sweet Peas
Fragrant Sweet Peas | Source

Take me to Adventure

a day so bright and beautiful

my eyes awakened to the Masters design

a knowing and a hush

the presence of the divine

colors and smells so full

my heart flutters as it pulls

get up, get out, give in

take me to adventure


my senses awakened

bubbling brook, lily pads

the frog croaking like he is mad

skipping stones releasing care

disappear if you dare

take me to adventure


sweet fragrance of soft sweet peas

fill my senses with joy to please

butterfly sweetly flutters with grace

all around me, artistry traced

take me to adventure


away from the worries, pressures and strife

into earths arms held in beauty and light.

renew within release the fight

wrap me in your arms so tight

take me to adventure


splendor and majesty abound

the creators signature

is all around

He who spoke it

all into being

Me, his child, clearly foreseen

take me to adventure


a world of treasures are waiting for me

walk away from my work, this is the key

come with me Lord and help me to see

through Your eyes

this is my plea

take me to adventure

A Thankful Heart
A Thankful Heart

Thankful Heart

This poem was born and captured out of the reflection of a moment. My prayer is that it will lead you to a thankful heart for the beauty of creation and the Majesty of the God.

Take note my friends and capture the moments before they fly away. They are opportunities to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creator of the universe and of you and of me. God has revealed Himself in creation and longs to have a personal relationship with us ...

Listen to His call to you. "For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God." Romans 1:20

Poetry Hubs

Although Poetry is not my usual forte there are times when I get hit with words that just flow. This poem was one of those times.

A Mothers Grief is another poetry hub which I believe God inspired me to write. This article is in honor of a close friend who had experienced two miscarriages and the death of two children due to a genetic glitch. Inspired by the emotions this dear girl was living ... a poem was formed and given in her honor. Leave comments if you please as Kelly reads them and is very blessed by them.


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