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Take a Chance and Walk the Surface of the Sun

Updated on July 25, 2017

Rise With It...

Life: Don't Let it Pass Without Living

"Tears come and go as they always do."


Have you ever wandered across

or rode upon the surface of the sun...

did it singe your toes; grab your attention

or was the flaming giant cool- the fire agreeable…

Has your life been spent skipping from teardrop to teardrop;

doormat to heartbreak-

or has your journey in love, been more a sweet caress…

Have you ever flown through the tree tops

vaulted from limb to limb, but missed the target

only to dust yourself off, and begin anew…

And has your vessel leaped,

crest to foaming crest in stubborn exuberance

or has it simply submerged wholly

and stayed beneath the waves too long;

defeated not stirred, from the enclosing silence,

salt and darkness...

If a greater good affirms the risk

and the cosmos be in perfect balance;

your planet's aligned- take the chance...

Hasten; rise with the dawn and greet the day

with an awareness born of insight,

that you will someday sleep, the sleep of death.

Watery tears come and go, as they always do.

take to the mighty ocean- do it often,

Calypso beckons with the sweet song of the Sirens...

Climb until the climbing ends

ride your own sun

ascend the heights where only giants tread

…and ahhh, yes, the pine tree's appeal...

on hands and sweatshirt- the amazing aroma of tree sap

these unmistakable memories,

and they are good,

very good…

let danger not be a thought.

for after all, a life well born

is one well lived...

gg.zaino 7/13/17


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