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Tap Into Your Drive

Updated on October 1, 2015

On Again Off Again

Making everything come together

Not sure how or in what way

There are only a few things to do

Strive for things that you want

Don't let other people tell you any different

Keep trying even though you have setbacks

Look at what you have

Try to vision what you feel

Go slow

Giving room for error

Build a castle in the clouds

Where one day everyone will see

The beauty that awakens the dark

Swaying back and forth in the light

There are many traditions and cultures

That have existed for years

Few people know

What it takes to carry a dream to creation

Persistence will always reminds us

Put yourself out there

Feeling vunerable and alive

Drinking a glass of cold water

Simple pleasures bring the best gifts

Open to suggestions

Moving in the right direction

Reassuring myself

It can be done


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