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Taste my Life- A depressing poem

Updated on June 18, 2013

Title: Taste my life

I am the reaper of the sorrow
The pain engulfed inside tomorrow
The pulsating in the mind
The crooked noise when you're blind
The guidance to a soul gone cold
The emptiness you grip and hold
The splinter stuck inside your skin
The reminder I am here; waiting

I felt the bone chip inside
A hope not dreamed; already died
Cause I can pray
But words do no good unheard
The air seems to drown our cries
Making them a figment of a time
Where we hoped for something more
And were greeted with an empty chill

So swallow the grief; like a shot
The unheard voices there to spot
On the way down cutting skin
To gain the scars to tell a story
Can't forget what's forged to see
In case you say it's make believe
Trace your hand along my veins
And taste the novel of my life


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    • SMonaghan119 profile image

      Sean 5 years ago from PA

      I appreciate your support and I thank you for it very much :)

      And yeah I noticed your writing does that, the yin and yang perspective I didn't think of but it's very true and honestly the best way of putting it. Just read your one about the prisoner of war, how up to that point it was a love story with a twist on the end.

      I feel the more relative to feeling, the more people can picture it and relate the stronger the writing is. Everyone no matter what is going to have a different perspective or opinion about the true symbolism and message of a's the fact they can generate these points for themselves that makes writing, good writing :)

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 5 years ago

      .."and taste the novel of my life ..." What a great line and probably this is my favorite by you , so far, which is saying a lot because all of your writing is so great and very evocative in stirring up all of the emotions we encounter in life. I take a roller coaster approach to my writing - offer infusing humor with tragedy - happiness with sadness - the idea/philosophy of yin and yang is perfect for the genre of poetry

      lake erie time 1:05pm

      Sean , I will post/link/share your bio page here at the Hubpages group on Facebook and try to get you some more readers and followers