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The hand that gives

Updated on August 25, 2014

If you don't go through the test, you will never have the testimony.

I have gone through the test, climbed so many mountains and expect yet many mountains ahead but i am an evidence that God answers prayers because i have my testimony. Most of the testimonies we hear are always stories of addiction, prostitution, poverty, sickness and how God intervened but that's not my story.

I have always been the one making the tea cups and giving out freely though in some cases forced to give out or stolen from me but no challenge stopped me from making these teas cups until i ran out of material then i realized that i didn't even have a tea cup for personal use. How bad it is when you give and at the end don't have nothing for yourself.

When i wanted to complain, i realized that i was happy because a lot of people out there has my tea cups, then to my surprise, i walked into this shop yesterday to buy a tea cup and an old woman offered me hers for free. At first i felt reluctant to take it but she persisted and that was when i recognized her. Martha collected the same tea cup from me years back. I was happy because she remembered me.

"Blessed is the hand that gives for he shall never lack"


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