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Teach the next....

Updated on July 30, 2012

Our very future now looks dim and prospects are distant. Hopes of a new society are slowly fading away. Morals and values are changing with every new day. Our younger generations are in a losing battle of identity of who they really are or what they will become. Destiny's light is slowly dimming and so many futures are unsure. Where is the problem you say? Maybe its peer pressure or is it that ideals, perceptions, or philosophies in this new age have changed. With each young mind that dies, a part of a proud heritage to be written is lost. We must use the knowledge of our past to guide them to their future path. The thoughts of a fresh young mind's imagination can paint the pictures of a future reality. It is the key to unlimited potential when opened, but when closed the shadows of mental blindness appear taking away all conceptions of who you are. True knowledge is the basic foundation of all things in existence and the building block of one's self. Without it a mind falls from a lack of substance or frame of being. The past has given us a reason; the future must give us the answer....


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