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Teachers: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Updated on December 15, 2016
Poetic Word Bird profile image

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


What type of society have we become when Ball-Players are more respected then teachers?

What message are we sending to the children of our future when we respect their talents more than their mind?

It has become an economic crime to become a teacher.

Many potential educators are turning their energy and skills away from the field of education…

Turning away because what they hear and see coming from current teachers is disheartening.

The constant battles between those in charge and those who just want to do their job have reached new levels, while the children suffer.

Morale is down while anger has increased… Politics and politicians continue to handicap creativity and many talented teachers hold back their gifts…

Hold back because of job security and because of fighting a standard of learning that doesn’t work in the classroom.

Many great educators and potential great educators are seeking other venues for their talents.

The true reality of the classrooms, the non-support by their administrators, has led to early flight and change of careers, as once again the children suffer.

Let’s go back in time when education meant something.

Too bad Johnny now believes that he no longer has to learn to read and

Write, as long as he Shoots the Ball well, Hits the ball well, and Catches the ball well.

Behind every Super Star who is spotlighted because of God-Given-talents, somewhere in that mix of greatness, there were Teachers who made a difference in their life and deserve due credit.

This tribute is for the educators who tries to feed the mind all the time…

They should pay you in GOLD.

Malik Canty

Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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