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Words no less

Updated on July 3, 2013

“How could you do this to me Danny? How could you?” She cried as all the animation faded out of her face.

“I can explain Samantha…” he said formally, hardly noticing the tense rigidity of her expression. She was in depths of despair as hundreds of people surrounding the isle watched flabbergasted. Tears welled into her beautiful crystal blue eyes and overflowed. The evening sky was crying as it descended tiny water droplets which drizzled the whole isle. The wind blew harder carrying small bits of grass, white, blue and red rose petals which splashed against the bridegrooms black suit. The rain tried to tip him off his feet so that it could take revenge on the man who broke sweet Sam’s dreams of having a happily-ever-after life.

The wind blew much harder now as the silver linings of the cloud were hidden by a black sheet of emptiness and it started raining. Everyone left the scene apart from Sam, who still couldn’t believe what just transpired in front of her very own eyes. She was helped by others and boarded on a taxi with no destination in mind.

“Looks like you had a bad day miss!” said the taxi driver as he peeked over his seat. Sam sat motionless. Her once glowing eyes stopped blinking as it was lifeless. Her smooth blonde hair was now all frizzy and wet from the disturbing rain. Her thoughts were numb and her emotions stoned. ‘Why this betrayal?’ She wondered while the driver interrupted her endless, seemingly pointless thought, “Okay I’ll drive and show you around the City.”

Sam wasn’t interested. She didn’t want to see the street magician who created illusions to attract the jay walkers nor did she want to see the beautiful Korean girl who, the pedestrians surrounded, played melancholies with her skillful violin nor did she want to see the park where she and her once-upon-a-time love of her life proposed. She was paranoid with the thoughts of the betrayal. She had known him for thirteen months. They lived together and vowed to get married under St. Ash’s Tree.

Sam wished she never came to the City. She was better off with her grandma far away in the country side cottage of hers. She barely knew the city. Her fancy of owning a big house, living in the city and marrying a businessman might be her loss of a happy life, she thought. The mole brought her here with the promise to spend his entire life with her, share her sorrows and give love, tenderness and intimacy.

The traffic signal turned red and the pitch black dirty cab came to a stop. Sam brushed her wet frizzy hair with her long fingers, picked up her white coat and purse and jumped out of the cab, leaving behind a hundred dollar bill.

She walked ahead, not caring to look where she was going. She turned down a dark alley and suddenly a shiver was sent to the very marrow of her bones. It made her blood run cold and her senses tingle. She rotated her head, dared not turn as she was petrified and her heart skipped a beat. The trash bag near her feet could be seen to be in inertia as a black cat leaped on the trash bin next to it. With a sigh of relief she continued to walk her aimless road, leaving behind the world she cared for once.

The glistening Moon shimmered brightly, no clouds intervening in the path of its rays. She didn’t look back. She didn’t have to. Because Sam believed in the future.

An endless path, which she saw on the card from the gift shop the other night where a couple walked an endless road. On top it was written ‘For a Long Way to Go’. Inside something different was written, “If I don’t make it through this path with you, know that the future holds the best for Both of Us.”

Sam was walking down that road, alone with tears streaming down her lovely pale cheeks.


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    • profile image

      Azmi Azam 3 years ago

      The story is very similar to Hardy's Tess of D'Urbervilles and very well represented with aesthetic imagery ... Keep up the art of writing ...

    • Zimmer Hossain profile image

      Noor Ul Huda 4 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thanq miss Shafrin :)

    • Sayka Shafrin profile image

      Sayka Shafrin 4 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Well-written! Welcome to Hubpages!