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Technical Vs Content Writing

Updated on January 18, 2017

e business of writing there are two major type of writing technical and content writing. These two groups seem to be where the money is at. Let’s look deeper into this two writing styles.

 Technical Writing

Technical writing by definition is a form of writing used to describe computer hardware, software, chemistry, aerospace, robotics, finances, and consumer electronics. Technical writing is to appeal to both the technology and the not so technological. A technical writer must then tread carefully to fully grasp these two audiences. A Technical writer often needs a person of expertise in the field they are going writing on though sometime the expert can be the writer themselves. To be a good technical writer they have to have strong language and teaching skills. They have to convey to the experienced and the not so experience and translate the technical jargon that those lesser experienced may not understand. For example me it takes a real talented writer to hook me in order to read an article on the finances of robots.

 Content Writing

Content writers are mostly what we are. Content writers are writers that write content to fill up a person’s website i.e. someone created up hub pages and thus we now write on it to fill the site with content. Online entrepreneurs and business people depend on content writers to write engaging content and articles to make the person stay and want to come back to their site maybe even buy something. The content writer’s are like the hostess of the owner’s website. This also is the market to make your money as there are many online sites where people advertise for content writers to write articles on certain subjects.

Constant Content: This is an awesome site where the work comes to you. You will get notified when ever someone is looking for content for their websites it will tell the length needed and how much they will pay you for it. You can also post your own articles on there to have up for sale. WORD OF WARNING though they are very strict in the articled that you submit. They articles have to be totally error free with no copied content. Being a one woman writing machine with spelling and grammar issues I was doomed. Still I get job notifications of writing job that people need.

 Writer Without a Cause

I have mentioned before I am a bit of rebel writer for I really do not follow the rules of writing success. I maybe get there one day but it will be the hard way all the way. I kind of enjoy writing what moves me and not writing what someone requests of me, yet I would like to cause well that is where the money is at. I also have though a unique knowledge on things, for example I received a notice someone needed an article on photography. My knowledge knows nothing on that topic so I could not respond to the job offer that paid. Another notice was for a politics article, or on shampoos and beauty products I have never heard of. I probably could have winged it, but then it be a false article of text and have no real feeling or emotion to it. The writing would have been robotic, emotionless from what I had researched on. That feels wrong to me. In whatever you write I feel you should have some passion some emotion, some part of you in that article that brings it to life even if it’s to be a cooking recipe or manual on how to use a new cell phone.

Write on!


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