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Ramon and Dave

Updated on September 29, 2016

"I haven't discovered what it does yet," Ramon said. He was standing next to Dave.

"If you haven't figured it out yet then why are you even bothering with it," Dave asked. He was pushing his slicked black hair down on his head. It seemed to have a lot of static in it tonight.

"Because I want to understand the sequence, it's all about the sequence don't you get it?" But no matter who was standing here next to Ramon they wouldn't get it. Hell Dave was beginning to wonder why he even set foot inside of this factory in the first place.

"But you saw how the sequence went on the internet...," and he stepped back a couple of feet away from Ramon.

"Yeah I know what I saw on the internet the other day. It has nothing to do with this thing ok. So just relax while I work," Dave shrugged.

"Whatever," and he looked around the abandoned factory wondering what this place was used for in the past. There were old broken down machinery and computers that looked to be from the nineteen eighties. Floppy disk drives and CRT monitors abound plus a small statue of a famous lizard that once stomped Japan. That was a good movie and one of Dave's favorites. Thinking back to his living room watching those films he could still taste the sandwiches his mother would make him. No crust on the bread and just the right amount of mayo, and if there was a hole in the bread he didn't want it, take it back mamma.

A loud groan could be heard coming from one of the hallways down below their current location which was on a balcony overlooking a large room with many pathways. The moaning hallway in question was directly in front of the computer terminal down below, and would you look at all of those floppy disks lying around... what a mess.

"That's it!" Ramon shouted. His voice bounced off of the walls which appeared to shake the spider webs hanging from them.

"What...," Dave began, "What are you talking about what's it?" He looked at the object in front of Ramon that had all of the buttons. They were blinking.

"I found out how it all works, the sequence Dave, I found out how the sequence goes." His hands began to caress the object in front of him. The buttons pulsated red, blue, and white.

"Well how does it go? Tell me," and when Dave placed his cold clammy hand on Ramon's shoulder he felt a shock. Maybe this was the cause of his hair standing up in the back. It was a static discharge from his buddy Ramon standing so close beside him. Odd how it jumped from one person to the next without them coming into contact with one another, besides the shoulder grab of course.

"You have to keep the red lights from going out, you see," and he pushed some of the buttons on the object. The red lights faded as he pressed the other colored buttons. With each press of another color the red lit buttons dimmed even more.

"So it turns the... whatever it's called on huh? When all of the red lights are bright as they can be?" Dave asked.

"You got that right buddy, and you know what that means don't you?" He had a sinister look in his eyes. The kind of look a person would give when they felt greedy.

"No I really don't know what that means, please tell me." His eyebrow raised as his full attention went to Ramon.

"Look when the red lights are fully lit and the... ah hell I forgot what it was called to, but you know this right here," he pointed at the object. "When it's working right we can create anything that we want, anything at all. Can you imagine if we crafted money with this thing," his eyes twinkled with even more greed.

"Money... are you sure it wouldn't get us in trouble? If we were to use any of that money would we get caught for counterfeiting?" Dave was unsure about attempting to use this contraption. If he were to get caught that would mean an end to his future dreams. He wanted to go into politics, and having spent time in jail for such a crime wouldn't look good on his resume.

"We won't get caught you idiot. Didn't you learn anything from the website we read? The machine doesn't counterfeit anything. When we craft something with it, no matter what that something is, it's taken from the real world someplace else. So if we craft some money, then it's taken from somebodies pocket and given to us."

"So we would be stealing then?" Dave was really beginning to regret even coming here. The place was creepy to begin with, abandoned for many years, unclean, dark and gloomy, and who knows what really happened here back in the eighties when this factory was in full operation. If there was an object like this crafting machine just sitting here on this balcony then who knows what else they have in here. This place is probably dangerous and Dave is wanting to leave.

"Relax buddy, I promise everything will be ok...," and a strange gaze came over Ramon as he pressed a few of the white buttons on the object. Dave never knew it was coming when the knife was trust into his gut with great force. Ramon didn't do it, no, it was somebody else that was behind the both of them. In fact Ramon hasn't even seen the horror take place yet.

"I don't know why I even brought you here with me Dave. If you aren't going to be with me on this then I'm going to have to do something that I really don't want to do." He waited for a response but there wasn't any. Dave was busy bleeding to death on the floor below the balcony. He had fallen off landing with such quietness Ramon never heard.

"I'm serious Dave, I thought we could be partners on this but I guess I was wrong. I'm going to have to do what I really don't want to do and it is all of your fault. So I hope you don't hold this against me." And he turned around looking for his friend Dave who had taken an absence. The pool of blood surrounding his body was growing in size and the blackness of the factory was getting darker as his lights were turning out.

"Uhh... Dave...," Ramon said as he looked around for his buddy. The small pistol in his right hand was meant for Dave but Dave was no longer on the balcony. "Dave where the hell did you go? I just want to talk to you about something so get out here." And he looked down.

Below the balcony Dave's body leaked blood all over the dusty concrete floor. His lungs gasped for air as his eyeballs stared blankly up at the ceiling. Ramon thought he was looking at him.

"Ah there you are I thought you left. Look Dave I know your busy dying down there and all but could you try not to bleed all over everything? There is a lot of information stored in this place and I really don't want to clean your filth off of it." He held onto the metal rails as he leaned over talking to the dying Dave. For a second he thought about shooting Dave with the pistol but then figured he's miss with bad aim. So he began to wonder what to do; he had to stop the bleeding all over the important information problem that Dave was creating, but first he had an idea.

"I bet I could hawk a loogie on you from here," and of course he could it's not like Dave had fallen from a high cliff. So Ramon began to hawk... and he hawked some more... and some more... "Almost there," and some more hawking.

Some footfalls were heard coming from the balcony behind Ramon. With a mouth full of spit he began to wonder how in the world Dave had fallen over the rail to begin with. Also why was there a massive gash wound right where his heart would be? The thought left him with the loogie as it sailed over the rail and down onto Dave's forehead. It was a bulls eye and so was the knife that was shoved into Ramon's back. It was a long knife with a cold blade that sank deep into his body. He gasped which was the reason the loogie flew out of his mouth after he choked on the spit. He saw it float down onto his buddy as he also saw the floor getting closer. Someone had pushed him over the rail and he fell down landing face first onto the cement. Dave was still alive though, dying but alive and he saw the person high above on the balcony looking over. It was a shadowy figure of a man; it had dark blue eyes and long finger nails that twirled around the rail as it gripped. The object Ramon was playing with had all of the red lights lit and was ready to craft. The only problem was the strange being guarding it from any outside visitors.

"None shall take what is mine, I am the only one who can use it, and any who try will be dealt with in the most horrible of ways." Said the shadowy figure.

Dave was about to say something but as as soon as he opened his mouth the pistol Ramon was holding fired from the balcony as it was held by the shadowy being. The bullet shred through his face and Dave knew no more. Eternity was his, just as the shadowy being will be here guarding this place and the object.

For ever and ever.

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