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Tempestuous Muse

Updated on March 3, 2014

Teach me your peaceful spirit,

oh sweet, “tempestuous muse” …

That lulling, gentle easy

That you always, always use.

Old soul, you are a rocker

Where the world has come to rest

On the front porch to your being

(The place I love the best)

Your heart, it is the fireplace

To draw a special few

The warmth of glowing embers

That will always kindle you…

There’s such a tender silence

And an easy, gentle way

And a soft, but steady passion

In the journey of each day

Teach me that calming whisper

Of a soul that’s found its place

That steady, silent thunder,

No argument, no race…

It’s contagious as the sunshine,

All who near you, feel it well

Oh how I’d long to learn it,

If only you would tell…

Were they tears that bought such freedom

From the prisons of the pain

When the gentle spirit standing

Sang a simple, sweet refrain?

Was heartache, loss, or simply time

The teacher of the soul…

That wove this velvet spirit

perfect, flawless, whole…

Like a stream runs through the forest,

And all are bid to stay…

To stop along the journey,

To visit on the way…

I’ve stopped along those waters

And been touched so many times…

By your flowing, easy manner…

Through your life, in woven rhymes…

Please teach your peaceful spirit,

oh sweet, “tempestuous muse”…

That lulling, gentle easy

That you always, always use.


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