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Updated on September 3, 2015



EMEKA drives along the highway

(Scene fades)



TWO MEN eating and discussing

MAN #1: If everyone in this country begin to think alike, we will forever live in peace

MAN #2: But you and i knows that it is impossible, we are different people so we can never think alike

MAN #1: You see sometimes i wonder why God created us differently, believe me, had it been that we speak the same language, have the same religion and practice the same culture, there would have been peace in this world, no one will see the other as a different being, no black, no white, no Hausa, no Igbo, no French, no Christian, no Muslim, just one people

MAN #2: My brother, there will still be problem among us even if we are the same, imagine what is happening in different families, brothers fighting against each other

EMEKA walks into the restaurant and takes his seat, greets MADAM COOL CAT and chats with her as she dish his food

EMEKA: Madam cool cat, good evening, i hope you have coconut rice

MADAM COOL CAT: Good evening Emeka, of course i have coconut rice

EMEKA: Please give me a plate and garnish it well with meat

MADAM COOL CAT: I will serve you as usual but Emeka, you are scarce these days

EMEKA: I am just coming back from Kano

MADAM COOL CAT:I thought as much, i told Nkechi that you seem not to be around

MADAM COOL CAT serves him then he begins to eat

EMEKA: Please can i have a bottle of origin?

MADAM COOL CAT serves him a bottle of origin then the other TWO MEN pays for their drinks and leaves the restaurant. EMEKA finishes eating then pays her and walks out to leave



EMEKA walks towards his car robbing his stomach satisfactory then realizes that he doesn't have his car key...


Where must i have drop my car key?

He searches himself but did not find the key then he peeps through the car glass to see if it’s in the ignition but it is not there, he looks around then walks back into the restaurant.

(Scene fades)



EMEKA walks back into the restaurant and finds his key on the chair he sat on then picks it and walks out



EMEKA walks out but as he heads towards his car, a NUN he didn’t noticed but had been watching him all along when he was searching for his car key calls at him

NUN: Excuse me sir

EMEKA turns around and sees her standing by the corner of the restaurant then she speaks again

NUN: Good evening sir, i saw you earlier scrambling for something and my instincts told me that you must be searching for your car key

EMEKA: Oh! Yes i left it right inside there

NUN: Okay, glad you found it, please sir, can i ask you for a favour

EMEKA walks closer to her as she speaks

NUN: Sir, please i am stranded, i came all the way from Nnobi for the priestly ordination which will take place at St Patrick cathedral tomorrow but i arrived very late and cannot go into the cathedral because the gate is already locked and i don’t have money on me to pay for a hotel room, i am wondering if you could assist me

EMEKA lustily stares at her continuously


I wish i can assist her but i have no money on me, i don’t have to come closer to her so not to rob my unrighteousness on this holy one

Realizing that EMEKA seems lost, she waves her hand towards his face as she speaks

NUN: Sir, did you hear me? I said that i...

EMEKA interrupts her

EMEKA: I heard you very well, you need a place to pass the night, i wish i could help but i have no money on me as i just got to the city this night, honestly, i wish i could help you

NUN: Sir, you look like a pastor

EMEKA: Well, you are not the first person that has said that i look like a pastor, i wish i was one

NUN: Sir, i don’t know anyone in this city and have nowhere to lay my head and i cannot sleep in the street, you are the only person my spirit directed me to talk to and i am sure that you can help me so please if you don’t mind take me to your house

EMEKA whines his eyes and stares at her then shakes his head in dismay and leaves the scene without uttering a word, he walks very fast while the NUN stands looking at him in awe. He gets to his car, opens the door and jumps inside then turns on the engine, wears his seat belt then pulse for a while


Take her to my house she said? God forbid, i live just in one bedroom apartment so where will she sleep? I can’t sleep on the sofa and i know that she wouldn't sleep on it either, so on my single bed with that damsel, a reverend sister; with those two big deals on her chest touching me, even her veils could not hide them, wonders shall never end. I will do everything but not a reverend sister. Hey! From where comet my help oooo, this is a big temptation

EMEKA releases his seat belt, turns off his car engine then comes out from the car and walks back to the NUN who is still perplexed, he tries to speak but could not then he walks back to his car, tries to open the door but instead turns back and goes back to the NUN but again could not speak then he turns back and hurriedly gets to his car then opens the door and jumps in then turns on the car engine but just as he wants to touch the gear, the NUN walks to the car, bends towards the window then speaks to him

NUN: Sir, is everything okay with you? You seem confused at my request to take me to your house, okay i have an idea. Don’t look at me as a nun, just look at me as a stranded woman who needs help, take me home as a way of helping me or look at me as an angel whom God sent to test you, he wants you to show me how much you care about others

EMEKA: Hmmmm! This is a big temptation ooo, i don’t know how God will send you to test me

NUN: I am a stranger in this city and i don’t even know who you are but i trust you and asking you to take me to your house is not anything because something in me tells me that you are the one to help me in this city, at least for tonight

EMEKA: I have only one bed

NUN: What difference does it make?

EMEKA: I get cold at night and my pillow helps me out but with you lying next to me

NUN: Go behind me Satan

EMEKA: It is easy to ask him to go behind but difficult for him

NUN: The power to resist temptation is given to each and every one of us and taking me home will be a blessing to you

EMEKA: Sister, i am a man and you are a woman

NUN: God created us so

EMEKA: Why do you decide to tempt me, you see Eve did this exact thing and looking at you, i see just two things

NUN: And what are they?

EMEKA: The serpent and the apple

NUN: Then eat the apple

EMEKA: Sister! Lead me not into temptation

NUN: You have the power to resist it, take me home for i need a place to lay my head

The NUN walks to the other side of the car open the car door and enter then close the door and EMEKA drives off


The devil has come for me tonight, what sort of thing is this? Me and this pretty lady on the same bed and her body warming me and i will not feel her, i am not gay and i am not impotent

(Scene fades)



EMEKA cuddling on the bed with the NUN semi naked, they kiss and touch each other then he gets on top of her

(Scene fades)



EMEKA gets up and realizes that he is dreaming, he looks up to the ceiling and shakes his head then speaks


What sort of dream is this? This is not a normal dream, Oh... from where comet my help?

EMEKA grabs the holy Bible on his stool and open to psalm 121 and begins to read it


I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from where comet my help, my help comet from the Lord which made heaven and earth...


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 2 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks WillStarr...

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Not bad! I like it!