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Ten Tips For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on October 17, 2017

Zombies are a worldwide phenomenon and a beloved enemy game creators use for their games. Nowadays however with chemical and biological warfare reaching new heights zombies could be real, here is a list of ten ways to help survive a zombie apocalypse. Note however that several of the slots on the list might already be well known.

#10, Be well prepared. As in any world wide catastrophe you will need to be prepared, have plans ready in case chaos hits the fan and have all the items you would need to survive such as weapons, food and water, warmth and shelter. While the odds of a zombie coming crashing through your door is slow it is still safe to be prepared.

#9, Be armed and dangerous. Unless you are a prized boxer and plan on punching the zombies to a fine paste weapons are your friends, preferably ones with great durability. Heavy metal bats, fire fighter axe, or just a strong knife. Long range weapons would be needed too, crossbows or bow and arrows, anything that is quiet and will allow you to fight from a safe distance. Throwing knives or axes might not be the best option, unless you are well trained your best bet would be to use something easy. Also having something you can use as a tool and a weapon would be best, axes and knives or even a crowbar. Try and think outside the box.

#8, Shut up. Zombies have a keen sense of hearing, in many movies and game zombies will swarm an area if a loud enough sound has been made. So screaming or being loud in anyway probably isn't a good idea. Silence is your friend, treat him nicely and you might not become a zombies chew toy. Also guns might be bad to use, since they are known to be loud it might be best to use another weapon, holding onto a gun in emergencies might not be bad but firing all willy nilly might not end well.

#7, Fortify your defenses. In many cases staying in one spot may not help, moving around might not help either. A two story house might be the best to hold up in, or any place with at least one staircase. Once creating a way to get back up, maybe a ladder in the window or something, destroy the staircase. Zombies don't particularly climb so being high is being safe, just make sure you have a way to get back up to your safe house. Also having things to catch rainwater might help, also having your food supply up there as well will help. Canned foods and non perishables are your best friends.

#6, Do not trust anyone. In a zombie Apocalypse peoples allegiances might change, the people you thought once cared might turn on you just because you have more food then them. Family should stay close by if you get along well, but either way do not turn your back on anyone, people snap in dire circumstances.

#5, Be fit. Running, running, running and more running are the usual exercises for someone in a zombie outbreak zone. But if you are held down in a safe place it would be best to get some exercise in here and there, while you don't need to necessarily be an Olympic athlete if you run a few feet and die of exhaustion you might not last long. Some Zombies can run so if you wish not to become a late night snack some jumping jacks wouldn't kill ya, well anymore so then a zombie anyways.

#4, Careful when scavenging. Chances are you might need to get some more supplies later down the line, so you will need to be careful. Zombies may be the main threat but humans can be worse, many will more then likely try to attack you. Keeping your guard up at all times is critical for survival, one false move and you become chow mein for a corpse walker.

#3, Try to relax. An overabundance of stress isn't good either, while the zombies may be wrecking havoc across the world it doesn't mean you need to be a little worry wart. Too much stress can not only be bad for health but also be bad for the relationships needed with others to survive. While you must still keep your guard up taking a hot bath or relieving a bit of stress won't hurt either. Long as you keep a look out.

#2, Keep track of rations. If surviving alone or with a group it is important to keep track of the food, overeating might decrease the chances of survival. Setting a certain amount of food per day for everyone will help, while it may not be an all you can eat buffet your best bet would be too eat least have three small meals. Just make sure to keep the consumption down to a minimum.

#1, Keep everything in shape. Weapons break down, shelters can collapse and people can go crazy. Making sure all your things stay intact is important, well most of the things on this list is important. Keeping weapons sharp and clean will help prevent an unexpected break, keeping your shelter well protected and maintained will help with no breaks in your defenses and keeping your folks intact will help keep up morale and keep people from bludgeoning eachother.


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