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Ten Tips for Poem Writers

Updated on December 19, 2014

For 25 years I have been writing poems about love for him and poems of love for her, and for those years I have been using many different strategies and tactics while writing. I have tried and did many experiments, but the greatest success was because of these 10 tips that I myself have come up with, and you might want to try them, I do not guarantee that they will work for you, but you might as well put them to the test.

Tip One: Carefully inspect pictures
When you sit down to write love poems, you right side is turning your pictures into words. This is processed so fast and your consciousness can’t pick it, and it’s only a subconscious process. Making this process from subconscious to conscious can make you the master of your own creativity. Stephen King calls this methodology "writing with the third eye - the eye of imagination and memory."

Tip Two: Laying down the track/Making the mud
The first step of writing poems of love for her or poems about love for him is making the "mud" a.k.a. raw material. If the raw material is bad, good! It should be. It's just the first step. But, if you don’t lay down the track, or you delay to have something good, you won’t have any material. Lay down the track. Write.

Tip Three: Write it down! Quit remembering it, you won’t.
Over using your brain while you write can be devastating, you can spend three hours thinking and end up with a blank page, forgetting everything. Lay down your thoughts on a page.

Tip Four: Listing can help grow your writing
You can have a brainstorm while listing. It helps growing your writing, and it's really fun. You can use listing when you get stuck, it doesn't really matter what you’re writing, whether it’s non-fiction love poems or it’s short stories full of fiction. You can use listing and it helps you add texture.

Tip Five: Using your supernatural thesaurus.
The most helpful thing for listing is - a thesaurus. You might want to put one on your work space to jump start your thinking process. Your thesaurus and dictionary are the most useful jump starters for writing love poems for him. They can also help you when you're revising.

Tip Six: Writing should be the first thing to start your day!
When you wake up, grab a pen or sit in front of the screen and write, write at least half a page, which will help you through the day and you’ll find writing easier. This will help you stay relaxed and focused through the rest of the day.

Tip Seven: Work and dedication!
To make your dreams come true you need a lot of dedication and hard work. But at the end there is a plot twist, you do achieve your goal but never like you pictured it, in fact it’s even better. I believe in writing about your goals. That is, because you will be using both sides of your brain. Your left side of the brain is your conscious part which is why you are you; the right side of your brain sends messages to you via images and emotions.

Tip Eight: Writing doesn't mix with editing!
Write first, edit second. You should stay away from mixing the two, your thoughts will block. You should be able to write as easy as talking to a friend. If that isn’t happening, you are probably editing the thoughts in your brain. If you’re uninformed about the dangers of mixing writing and editing, you will be making writing a lot of trouble for yourself, although it is really easy. If you’re not having any problems chatting, can you really have problems writing?

Tip Nine: The struggle can help you
If you’re struggling and the give up on the struggle you can reach a new high in experience and which helps you function and write on a new level. In which way does this affect your writing? For example you are working on a novel. It’s really tough for you. But you keep working hopefully that you’ll finish it. You can’t take the struggling anymore so you just quit. You keep on writing and saying to yourself: "I’m going to write whatever even if it is garbage." Then like lightning it hits you. From nowhere massive inspiration comes to you and you finish it within a week. Sometimes you still will be struggling (it’s still part of everyday life), but you will be reaching a new peak in your work, which would have never been reached without the struggle.

Tip Ten: Writing the truth = Writing great material
Writing the truth can be like being naked in front of a crowd, Upcoming writers worry about sharing their feelings. Be honest. Write about yourself and just be honest. Writing is all about being brave. When others see your work, you see that no one really cares. Nobody is judging your work. So just write…


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