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Tenebrous days

Updated on July 28, 2015

Once again I am trenched into the tunnel of darkness. Loneliness fumed in the moist air. Darkness and loneliness often walks hand in hand. Hallucination or deceiving eyes? I could see my shadow in the darkness. I’m scared. My heartbeats gradually broke the silence. Thoughts and coldness crept in side by side. Yet again I am lost in thoughts. I feel lone and depressed without you. Why did you leave me? I remember the moments we shared. Your short laughs were like tingling coins. Gone are those glorious days. Life was fun until you left me this month end. How many times did we break up? I have No clue. However I’m sure that you will come back very soon. Break up’s and patch up’s has now become a monthly affair. Why do you play games with my life? My life is not your playground. I didn’t debauch and I didn’t want this parting. It’s true that we didn’t love each other. It’s also true that you were not loyal. I have seen you with my friends and neighbors. Rich men lured you with ease. Now that doesn’t mean that you are a bitch. Whatever it be, the fact is that I’m missing you more than yesterday.
Where are my friends? Where are my relatives?
I wonder why there is no one to help me. Is everyone camouflaged by the darkness?
I wish if someone pulled me out of this ditch.
Thoughts about life after darkness kindled the hopes within. I do not wish to continue in this darkness anymore. I need to be optimistic. ‘There is always a light at the end of the tunnel’ I said to myself. The soul of darkness laughed out loudly and said ‘Make sure that the light you see is not of a speeding train’. I ignored the sarcasm and continued to think. Gradually the thoughts started shaping up positively. ‘What if the light at the end of the tunnel is turned off?’ I thought. What if I could find the switch and turn it on? Yes, I’ve got the solution. Now I know how to tame you. Enough is said and done already. I do not wish to heat up my cerebral cortex anymore. I request you to find your way back to my pocket soon. My wallet is like an uninhabited island ever since you left. Oh dear Indian Rupee, please come back unto me in bundles. I vow not to squander again. I vow not be a spendthrift again. ‘Thrift’ is the key for me now on.


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