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Tested Ones

Updated on August 24, 2013

Can you pass the test?

When we are able to keep the God’s commandments and his word in our hearts, the Lord will make sure that we have everything that we need, and he will keep us safe from our enemies. Although at times we may be tested, we need to remember the word so that we can always pass the tests that are given to us. The Lord will never forsake us and he will not worry about the things that we cannot control because God is always in control.

Tested Ones

When we are given test to recall what is wrong or right

We must remember to the word, whether day or night

For if we do, God will surely bless us,

And he will protect us, as he must.

These are his promises, and

We must understand

That is we give our lives to him,

They are forever in his hands


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