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Text language meanings - text dictionary plus rules for texting the opposite sex to help get a date. Texting him or her.

Updated on May 17, 2014

The way texting people has evolved has meant that words have been shortened or abbreviated in order to fit what we want to say in the limited characters we are given per text.

Texting has evolved into a whole new language and without knowing what people are trying to say with these abbreviated words is frustrating. So in this hub I have included as many abbreviations, acronyms, symbols or emoticons that I know to give you a dictionary to use if, like me, you find the texting language a little hard to translate at times.


Smiling with a fur hat = #:-)

Confused or merry = %-)

Confused and unhappy = %-(

Intoxicated (drunk) = %-}

Not very clever = %-6

Smiling (without nose) = :)

Smiling (with nose) = :-)

Unamused/ mildly cross = /:-l

Drooling = :-)...

Smirk = :-7

Grinning = :-D

Sticking tongue out = :-P

Happy and crying = :')

Crying = :'(

Crying with laughter = :'D

Swearing = :@

Cross = >:-l

Very angry = >:-(

Angry and swearing = >:-@!

Shouting = :-(0)

Sad (Without nose) = :(

Sad (With nose) = :-(

Shocked = :-( )

Sceptical = :-/

Determined or poker face = :-l

Unhappy = :-c

Appalled = :-o

Wow = :-O

Not saying a word = :-X

Wink (without nose) = ;)

Wink (with nose) = ;-)

Sleeping = l -I

Snoring = l-O

Text messaging is a way of life now. Everyone, from the when they can actually hold a phone in their hands to old age pensioners now, do it.

It is a process of sending short messages around 160 characters from a mobile phone. These messages are commonly called SMS, texts or text messages.

In its basic form, a text message is a great way to communicate to another person no matter where they are in the world as long as they have a signal on their mobile phone.

A lot of people rely on this form of communication as it is cheap and reliable. Be careful though as texts can be misunderstood in what people try to say. This is a reason why emoticons really do help with meaning to the written word - they convey how you are saying something; feeling sad when telling someone some news then include a :( ; feeling cheeky then include a ;) at the end of the sentence.

The history of the text:

The first ever text message was sent in 1989 by Edward Lantz, a former NASA employee. The message was sent through a Motorola beeper and it consisted of numbers read upside down to spell out a message like you can on a calculator.

By December 1992 the first SMS messaging was used commericially with the Vodafone network in the United Kingdom. This message was sent by Neil Papworth from a desktop computer. The message wished Richard Jarvis, the receiver of the message, a Merry Christmas.

Initially this type of messaging wasn't popular as it was designed for the use of people who had hearing impairment. During the 1990's the sending of messages increaded. This trend continued during and accelerated in the 2000's due to the system being more developed and ease of access.

The Scandinavian countries - Finland, Norway and Sweden, there are now 85% of mobile phone owners who text on a regular basis. This increases to 85% when you look at Europe and North America.

This is nothing however, compared to the use of texts in the Philippines - an average of 20 text messages is being sent out daily by people who own mobile phones. This is vast considering there are over 42 million people who own mobile phones there.

Text messaging has increased in popularity due to how cheap and reliable form of communication it is. It has also been proven that it is an addictive activity and studies in Australia have compared it to be as addictive as cigarette smoking.

Since text messaging has become so popular around the world, text speak or text lingo has adapted very quickly to become a language on its own. So without this hub can you understand everything you are texted?

Texting has become such an intricate part of our life that celebrities have even used it in their videos:

Of course there is much more than just emoticons to texting:

We all know M8 is mate or L8 is late but what other abbreviations do we need to look out for?

You only have to take a look at Katy Perry's video above to realise that texting can be another language that needs translating. Well the guide continues below...

Great = GR8

Hate = H8

Late = L8

Later = L8r

Frequently asked questions = FAQ

Laugh my ass off = LMAO

Abbreviations that are very common:

Laugh out loud = LOL

As soon as possible = ASAP

Age? Sex? Location? = ASL

At the moment = ATM

Before = B4

Be right back = BRB

See you = CU

See you later = CUL8R

Can't be arsed = CBA

Best friends forever = BFF

See you = CU

Call me = Cm

Santa claus = *<l:o)>

A rose = @}--\-,---

At work = @WRK

A love heart = <3

See you in my dreams = CUIMD

See ya = CYA

Don't know = DK

Do you remember = DUR?

End of discussion = EOD

End of lecture = EOL

Friends? = F?

Face to face = F2F

Free to talk = F2T

Fingers crossed - FC

Fill in the blank = FITB

Fear of missing out = FOMO

For what it's worth = FWIW

For your amusement = FYA

For your eyes only = FYEO

For your information = FYI

Genius = G9

Get a life = GAL

Good game = GG

Great minds think alike = GMTA

Glad to see you = GTSY

Hugs and kisses = K&K

Hope to see you soon = H2CUS

Have a good night = HAGN

Have a nice day = HAND

I see = IC

I don't know = IDK

I love you = ILU

Just for you = J4U

Just for fun = J4F

Keep it simple, stupid = KISS

Keep in touch = KIT

Long time no see = LTNC

Mind your own business = MYOB

No access = NA

No comment = NC

Any = NE

Anyone = NE1

Not gonna lie = NGL

No one = NO1

No way out = NWO

Only for you = O4U

I owe you = IOU

Pain in the ass = PITA

People = PPL

Party = PRT

Parents are watching = PRW

Cutie = QT

Are = R

Are you = RU

Are you ok? = RUOK?

Skate = SK8

Some one = SME1

Sooner or later = SOL

Sorry = SRY

To be continued = 2bctnd

To die for = 2d4

To good for you = 2g4u

Too hot to handle = 2Ht2Hndl

To whom it may concern = 2WIMC

Forever = 4e

For your eyes only = 4yeo

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace = A3

As a matter of fact = AAM

Ah Bless! = AB

Addicted to love = ADctd2uv

As far as I know = AFAIK

Also known as = AKA

All I want is you = ALIWansU

All my love = AML

All the best = ATB

At the moment = ATM

At the weekend = ATW

Are we having fun yet? = AWHFY

Bye for now = B4N

Be back later = BBL

Be back soon = BBS

Be back soon darling = BBSD

Be seein' you = BCNU

Boyfriend = BF

Girlfriend = GF

Time to go = T2Go

Thank you = THX

Thanks for nothing = THX40

Too much information = TMI

Ta-Ta for now = TTFN

Talk to you later = TTYL

You = U

You too = U2

You are = UR

Waiting for you = W4U

Wait = W8

Texting someone you like:

Of course when texting a new partner its always important to make an impression. My advice here would be to use the abbreviations above to a minimum just in case he or she doesn't understand them - there is nothing worse than a misunderstood message (just imagine the impression you create if they don't understand or take it badly)

Texting can be a lot of fun when you find someone special. The best advice is to have fun, be yourself but be careful as it is too easy to misinterpret a text.

Take a look below for some really good advice about texting:

Top 5 rules for texting him

Texting or sexting can be a lot of fun, especially in the early stages of a relationship but when should you text him? What should you write? Does he like you as much as you like him? What is he after? There are a million and one questions that run through a woman's mind when your mobile is in your hands.

Here are a top 5 rules for texting the man of your dreams:

1. Don't drink and text

We have all been there and done it but in the early stages of dating, no matter how much you like him, its never a good idea to text while under the influence of a few glasses of wine. Why? Well you risk saying things you didn't mean because of either losing your inhabitations or simply because you can get too emotional. It is very hard to back track when he has it in writing. Lets face it, its easier to write something naughty than say it!

So the advice here is to phone instead of text. He will tell if you are under the influence then and it is easier to take back what you said then.

2. Avoid games!

We've all heard the advice - don't appear to be too keen - but you do have to give him some incentive. With this said, don't play mind games with him; it will only put him off. Play nice - text when you say you will, don't ignore him because he did something wrong (men don't understand hints and need to be told!) and don't play too hard to get.

The advice here (because the written word is so open to interpretation) is to have fun with texts but no games. If you need to say something phone him!

3. Don't argue

Similar to the reasons above, but arguing over text isn't worth the hassle. This is because the written word interpreted in different ways and a simple message can easily cause offence to the wrong person.

Never break up over text - its not nice for one, but give them some credit and show them some respect - do it face to face.

The advice here is to phone them or go around to see them when you need to say something they might not like.

4. Don't over do it

Men don't want to feel that you are checking up on them 24/7. Trust in their world is a major player in how he feels for a woman. If you are texting him all the time then this means you are doing just that and not showing him you like him, like it does in many girls minds.

The advice here is to be careful; check before you send it - does he need to hear what you have had for breakfast?

5. Don't obsess

This might actually sum up all the other rules - don't over think what he is doing or if he likes you as much as you like him etc. etc. etc. Let things take their natural course and be yourself. When waiting for a reply, don't worry if he doesn't get back to you straight away. If you work yourself up into a panic just imagine what your reply will be when he does get back in touch - will you impress that way? A man likes an independent and confident woman and not someone who will wonder what he is up to every second of the day.

The advice here is to keep busy and stop checking your phone every five seconds for that reply. That way your reply will be much happier and impress him more.

Biggest mistakes woman make when texting and calling men

Rules for texting her:

Texting allows us to come up with witty and enticing responses, after a little thinking time (which is great) that can really impress a woman. She will need to know you are interested in her, that you find her sexy but don't want her for just one thing.

Here is some good advice about texting her:

1. Avoid improper grammar

Lets face it, you want to impress her so you want to look mature and intelligent. So using far too many of the abbreviations above is a bad idea. The most common are ok but be careful with them. She can be put off with bad grammar and spelling. Plus with that, misinterpretations of your witty responses are easily made - that's the last thing you want. This also relates to emoticons - too much is overkill, although they are great for showing a flirty side to your texts (a wink when being cheeky is good but stick to one per text.)

The advice here is to double check your grammar and spelling before sending so that good impression lasts.

2. Don't be too keen

She wants to feel sexy and wanted but flooding her with text isn't a good way to impress her. Don't reply with three or four texts or you will come across as needy and too eager. Don't worry about the time she takes to reply but if she does take an hour to do so, then just wait a few minutes before you respond or she will know you have waited by your phone for it. Don't over-think it but do try and be yourself.

3. Text at reasonable times

She will not appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night asking her what she is doing - sleeping you fool! Just wait until the morning because it can wait.

This is also true when you have been out and had a few beers. The only exception might be if she was out too and you just ask her if she had a good night. Be careful with drunken texts - before long you will telling her of your undying love!

4. Be yourself

If you can be yourself you are going to show her you are comfortable around her and she will like that. How you talk to you friends is a good reference (with the occasional flattery and flirtation).

Don't bombard her with questions but at the same time don't make it about you - she wants to feel that you are interested in her but also are interesting as a person too. Make her laugh and help her feel comfortable around you.

5. Flirt with her

This has already been said, but its a must. To set up a date (and lets face it that's the idea behind these texts) you must generate a spark. Light and teasing messages are a great way of breaking the ice - make fun of her favourite TV program or playfully accuse her of seducing you.

5 mistakes guys make when texting a girl

how texting can ruin relationships

The unwritten rules of texting

Has this hub helped when it comes to deciphering text messages?

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Well I hope you enjoyed this little hub. I certainly learnt a thing or two by writing it. It is also one of the hubs which took the longest to write surprisingly.

I am sure I have missed out a lot of abbreviations but like I said these are the ones I have learnt on the way. Let me know if you use any in your everyday texting and I will be sure to add them on here.


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    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 

      4 years ago from United States

      Usually I spell everything out when I text - all those abbreviations make me cringe. But I don't get annoyed at people who choose to text that way. Most of the time I can understand them. :)


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