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The Animal, Released

Updated on May 10, 2013

Unconscious of time

only fear and desire.

we’ll not be controlled,

we do not conspire.

Unconscious of pain,

this we will not allow,

nor care for any other’s;

faithful only to now.

Unconscious of demand

on our faltering heart,

only one goal in mind

from our birth, from the start.

Unconscious of sun,

the rain, heat, or cold,

unfeeling, unknowing,

instinctively bold.


Unconscious of good,

evil, chaos, or law.

we cannot be held,

we cannot be bought.

Unconscious of souls

of those that we kill,

only through their demise

can our hunger be still.

Unconscious of death;

may we fall on his knife.

It is only the animal

that brings us to life.


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