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That Thursday in November

Updated on November 22, 2016

That day--November--in Vermont was cold.

We knew this would be true, we were not told,

As though we needed news--yes, at the start

We simply traveled past each frozen farm.

We knew it soon would change with leaves on trees,

Still active autumn leaves surrounding these

Fine homes near Washington in warmer air.

Is this then why there are more people there?

Before this in Vermont--yes, we gave thanks.

That snowy day! We drank wine chilled. The banks

Of snow were there. One by the back door chilled

That white wine for the feast. Vermont was filled

Sometimes with snow. But Maryland was where

We later went, and now I have a care

To walk by faith in Christ where I now live.

Some hard, resisting things just will not give.

And yet we should give thanks--those many ways

That stress does sanctify. They are like haze

That rises up betimes, and we cry out.

The Lord is gracious. How He helps, though stout

The stresses be, though dark our view in these

Profound distresses and calamities.

Let's count our blessings--many times God has

Enlarged our coasts--the world is full of jazz

And strange profundities--they bid us think

Of dust on scales--yes, we are small--we stink.

We have our sin and, yes, we do not know

How long, O Lord--You did declare the bow


To be the sign of Noah's covenant

And there it is at shower's end--we can't

Be but so awed by such a sign aglow

With color--we continue with our woe.

This world will not stay flooded--each flood stops.

Each war will stop as well, then reap the crops.

And each year we give thanks as on we go.

The new technologies--where things were slow

Are now profoundly fast and now this thing

Is come upon us--MP3s will sing

And programs will have upgrades for our use.

It is a stormy ocean now let loose.

And so that Thursday in November may

Be cold or warm. Let's give thanks on this day

For this life is not ever safe or sound.

Christ's gospel is our comfort, most profound.


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    • JourneyByFaith profile imageAUTHOR

      Scott Emery 

      2 years ago from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania


    • whonunuwho profile image


      2 years ago from United States

      Wonderful salute to Thanksgiving and why we call it such my friend. Well done and many blessings to you and family at this special time of year. whonu


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