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That day in Standard 8.

Updated on June 28, 2014

I was in standard 8,
When I was struck by my fate.
It was a fine Monday morning
And at that very moment
I was running,
in the corridor
of the senior building.
Behind one of my mates,
the best from the school
whom i was chasing like a fool.
There was no reason though,
but it was God’s wish
that i was doing so.

My friend took a sharp left
and very soon he escaped,
but this was the very moment
I was struck by my fate.
Navy blue half shirt
and skirt up to the knee,
I was running senselessly
when she appeared before me.
As a result we collide
and I thought
I invited another fight.
To think too much,
It was not the correct time
that's why I managed
to keep all the thoughts aside.
I got up hastily and lifted her too
exactly clueless of what next-to-do.
However I said "I'm sorry" ,
and took a sharp look all around
if there was anyone I'd worry,
who can punish me
to run in the ground.

I was a fool then,
so I dint asked if she was okay.
I just took a glimpse of her
and started running on my way,
to be in my class ,
before the lecture starts,
to be on my bench,
before the lecture starts.

Soon it was the lecture first,
in laughter we all burst,
On the senseless joke of the teacher,
even though he was a stupid creature.
I looked out of the window,
to see how far I can see,
but my gaze stopped at
a girl in standard 8 section C.
With her pink handkerchief,
she was rubbing her nose.
As she removed it,
I leaned towards the window
to see her from more close.
I felt like an idiot
when I noticed her tears
I felt like a stupid
when I confirmed,
she is the one I collided with
in the corridor,near the stairs.

I kept staring at her like a fool
and it slipped from my mind,
that I was in the school.
I was in my thoughts
which were soon hit by a drought,
It was not an epidemic
but was the voice of the teacher,
Oh yes, the same stupid creature.
I felt he was growing larger
but actually he was coming closer,
to punish me,
for looking out of the window,
to punish me,
for not laughing on his jokes anymore.

This is when I felt great,
As I was struck by my fate.
I was thrown out of the class,
made to stand near the another class,
but that was very lucky place,
as from there
I could clearly see her face.
I kept staring her uninterrupted,
and very soon I concluded,
'She is very beautiful,
another proof that
God as an artist is very cool' .

All thoughts were kept apart,
It compiled huge thumping
on my heart,
As I noticed she was looking at me,
at the same moment I was looking at her.
First eye to eye contact ,
and we were looking at each other.

My clueless eyes,
hers filled with tears,
I said sorry but
due to the window glass,
I was not clear.
She brought close her eyebrows
and I decided to hold my ears,
before her anger grows.

She made a gesture asking,
"What are you trying to say".
Holding my ears
I started doing sit ups,
and made it clear
"It's a sorry
I want to convey''.
She smiled and I relieved.
I thought of the accident
as a beautiful crime I did.

Meanwhile the bell rang,
which started the lecture second,
The teacher was changed ,
and I was in the class again.

This is when I turned wicked,
I did mistakes on every chance I get.
This is when I was struck by my fate,
once again I was out of the classroom gate.
I sneaked near the window glass
to look into the another class,
once again to take a sight
of the girl whom I had plied.
I looked at her and
she was looking at the board,
But very soon I was startled
by a lump in my throat,
as the Principal entered the scene,
and took me on his note.

The pretty girl looked
but at the wrong time,
noticed the two slaps
right across the cheeks of mine
which the Princy gave me
as a punishment or a fine.

She concluded it all
and asked if I was a fool,
I replied irrelevant gesturing
"You're very beautiful" .

She blushed and I smiled,
and that was when
it all started,
and that was when
I was struck by my fate,
That day in standard 8.


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    • Alankar Kumar profile image

      Alankar Kumar 3 years ago from Nitte, India

      Never knew dat U'r a poet.....nd dats too good...impressive!!

      Lage raho bhai!

    • profile image

      karanveer singh 3 years ago

      Very Well done.... Ur writing skills are really nourishing day by day

    • profile image

      Nikita 3 years ago

      Avi..Dis is jz....Superb..Wow..Amazing..

      I thnk dis simple words r nt enuff..

      it ws really...mmmm..m Speechless..:)

    • Mishaan profile image

      Mishaan 3 years ago from Bhilai

      avi ...

      just one word "Awesome"

      it seems ke its ol happening in frnt of meh ..

      and as i always say ... em proud of uhh


    • profile image

      Harshit Chourasia 3 years ago

      That Day in Standard 8.....

      Awesome Poem Avi. :) :)

      I still remember that day jab tune mujhe ye poem padayi thi.. :)

      great work man..... (Y)

      keep it up. :) :)

    • profile image

      Shikha chhabra 3 years ago

      Its mesmerizing...quite a scene as I felt..go ahead keep writing

    • profile image

      arif 3 years ago

      Nicely explaind yr, i cn imagine ur 8th std complete scene

    • profile image

      trapti 3 years ago

      finally ur poem came up here.. so so happy fr u.. n yeah of course abt ur poem.. i m a very big fan of ur poems n will be always... that day in standard 8 will take u to a very big height..b'coz its just magical.. superb avi..loved it

    • profile image

      Betterpicshot 3 years ago

      @awaiz u nailed it bro

    • profile image

      awaiz 3 years ago

      d boy has really a beautiful faith in dat standard 8.... remarkable lines. (y)

    • profile image

      Aditi 3 years ago

      this is just beautiful... It felt like it was going in front of me and i was living every line.... Fantastic work bhai... Keep going... :) :)

    • profile image

      farheen 3 years ago

      awesme sir.........smethng dffrnt nd had soft 2 it...:)

    • profile image

      shefali 3 years ago

      an outstanding work...just got beautiful lines!just perfect:)

    • profile image

      reshma 3 years ago

      Appreciable....i jst loved yur story...dis was something very beautiful... :)

      You must keep writing.

    • profile image

      puneet gobinda 3 years ago

      Great work ,, lines are great ,, and u did a nice and appreciable work :)

      ""CARRY ON ""

    • profile image

      nivedita 3 years ago

      U r gonna b a writer someday..mark my words dear! :)))

    • profile image

      ramanuj 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Betterpicshot 3 years ago

      Very good lines so adorable and i really like it good bro keep it up all the best

    • profile image

      Reshmi 3 years ago

      Nd dat day in yur standard 8...

      Mesmerizing... :-) I can really feel.those lines man... yu did a grt was just impeccable... :-):-) yu are on yur way #sir...