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Updated on February 19, 2012

Our foremost expression of love written in words...that as we always said, comes from within and just flows. We did not take too long in put this inspiration together, because we asked ourselves to define want is love from the inside. What really makes the difference between a succesful realtionship and an unforgiven infatuation. We just want to share...



Defining love can take so long

so exciting to talk about

so romantic when we feel its cause

so sad when we haven't been touched by it

there is so much love to share...from our mind

that, at times we feel sorry for the left behind

we have explored all kind of feelings

that unfairly leave us reeling

Society and ourselves set the trend

to love the one that supposedly was sent

and leave alone the less kind

when you never know,

you close the door to the ones that had the signs

Love has been around us from the beginning

from the start and never deceiving

Love has set foot in our heart

so easy to mingle our mind, our soul

that keep us from breaking apart

Time has set our ways to experience the best of love

fun, caring, smart ... with a magical touch from up above

we have reached and fulfilled our dreams

loving, sharing and expressing ourselves from deep within

there is so much learned through the years

that we barely remember bad memories washed away in tears

we have reached a point of not return

where we mingle reason, charm and so on...

we smoothly transfer ways to accomodate to the one we love

is not what we want, is what you need as a kind reward

we know that after this action, romance will follow with so much passion

we love this cherished infatuation mixed with mental tribulation

there are secrets that we want to keep inside

this way you might say, "hey! is not fair!... is insane! "

Just remember that we have been loved before

so we breath confidence, and can break down our love

we can channelize the deepest desires

soothing kisses that will set your expectations on fire

extreme take over and no time for you to recover

wrapping up yourself around our voices with arms of a sweet lover

making you feel at home and never feel alone

taking your hands at once, and become this 'hostage swan'

reaching out for help and eventually surrender to our words

powerful thoughts and feelings that will change your world

this love within shines like the deepest light

burning and blinding through the rain and the darkest night

being given away like the ideal knight in shining armor and his own might

keeping its promise alive until the moment of a lifetime has arrived

this love within is more than words

is as real as this creation of ours

can be felt as you read us through the end

was not meant to be this long, for God's sake! Amen!

senses awaken cannot be mistaken

thank God we were born to make this happen

writing about love that will never die

inspired to share emotions right in the middle of this night

the love within has been passed along

next time you will come to find out that, we never were wrong after all!


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