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That stupid chicken

Updated on October 31, 2009

That stupid chicken, a gift from the neighbour

her beady eyes staring, laughing as she jumped the fence

making her bid for freedom through the hedge and into the darkness

no net or blanket could catch this little bird

too quick for us, too stupid I say

a trap was set, successful, in she goes, amongst the other birds

not for long within minutes she jumps and flaps her way over the fence, again

she shows her little face waiting for a sprinkling of food

pecking and watching, pecking and watching in the garden

stupid bird, does she not realise a hungry fox will eat her up?

clearly not,

she watches through the fence admiring the bold colours of the cockerel

strutting his stuff in his domain calling to the stupid chicken

a gap in the fence so she can access the yard was made, hoping

hoping she will enter of her own free will, success

trapped in a corner her head through the mesh, cockerel pecking and screaming

looking furious, who asked you to enter my special area?

she is goaded and bullied and chased and stared at by a family of birds hating this new comer

she is patient, keeping her distance, peeping quietly, please be my friend

NO, we hate you, the hens cry, you make us look fat with your thin legs and slender beak

again her escape is made, alone in the garden,

but safe away from sharp claws and evil beaks

content, eating the grain thrown out in the morning

sharing space with the sparrows and robins

she has chosen her life, the human feeding her will be her friend

she is soft and gullible, no danger to me

stupid chicken? perhaps not


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