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Life is Dicey! (Poem)

Updated on September 27, 2015

Dicey Situation


Greed makes life Dicey

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Long working hours are an added anxiety,

To a life which is full of uncertainty,

Fortunate enough if relaxation comes by,

Undoubtedly it will serve as a therapy.

Suppose relaxation gets too lengthy,

Unfortunately mind gets rusty.

If one wants to be established in society,

Must become very hardy,

No wonder name and fame comes by,

With it money too follows,

Life then enjoys a kind of stability.

The truth is:

During such a run for success,

One sometimes overlooks one’s priority.

Roll your eyes, see for yourself:

Importance is now on luxury,

Materialistic need has become primary,

Human relationship seems secondary,

Family lives are crumbling down gradually.

More and more run after money,

Certainly stabilizes financial security,

While destabilizes family and humanity.

People who march ahead in such a way,

Lacks sincerity and affinity.

A thought that pricks me:

Those having a little money,

Live life in worry and agony,

People around sometimes show sympathy,

While sometimes not even mere courtesy,

Isn't it a real pity?

Life is almost illogical,

Be it with limited or unlimited means.

Observe a little and make sure,

Nothing can be taken for granted.

Whatever situation prevails,

Everything remains irrational,

Nature of man says it all:

Work hard or sit idle,

Find a solution or create a problem,

Get into a controversy or avoid humiliation,

No mid-way but follows one way,

An ultimate result thus is always dicey,

But that’s how people love to be!

Life is rarely Even


Draw a Limit and be Happy

Isn't it very strange? We all know the consequences of our action but still we are least bothered to correct ourselves. We fail to curb our demands. People are actually trapped in their own net of expectations from life. Every situation has advantages as well as disadvantages. There is a very thin line between the two and when people simply cross it over that's a very tricky point. One fails to understand what is ‘too much’. What will be the after effect of anything which has reached its extreme point is never thought of.

Fact is people need to be very judgmental. Just treading a path without thinking of pros and cons then it is quite natural that it will bring in some kind of complication in life. Understanding a situation as well as following the mind of others is the basic requirement to keep life from being dicey.

I think it is not very tough. There is one thing which people must follow in life. That is:

Too much of everything is bad.

People are never contented. Be it anything for which the particular person longs never comes to an end. All the dicey situations can come to a respectable condition if people stop at one limited point. A limit gives a concrete shape to one's life.


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