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The 5 Greatest Manga for Newcomers

Updated on May 27, 2020

Perfect Manga for Beginners

There are plenty of Manga I would deem fantastic for new fans. However these five truly stand out to me. For this list I have picked Manga that are easy to follow, have fantastic art, and are overall perfect for those seeking to get their feet wet in the strange and wonderful world of Manga.

5. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga might just be one of my favorite manga of all time, however I could see a few people not getting hooked by the first few chapters. Vinland Saga is a story about a boy who seeks revenge for his father's death. But it is so much more, as the story progresses it becomes more evident that the focus is not as much on the boy as it is his father's killer. Vinland Saga is a masterpiece but it takes a while before it gets truly interesting.

4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is everything I love about Manga. It's comedic tone is done just right without being overbearing and annoying. It has some truly spectacular fights. The artwork is truly some of the greatest I have seen in a Shounen in quite a while. It's premise is simple and enjoyable. Saitama is a man who is just too damn strong. His life is boring as he possesses the strength to destroy all of his enemies in a single punch. However as the story progresses we are introduced to many different and interesting villains and heroes. One Punch Man will always hold a place in my heart as on the greatest Shounen Manga I have ever read.

3. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is truly one of the most immersive and interesting stories I have ever experienced. The story unfolds and changes so much through the course of the series, it never feels repetitive. The pacing is done just right, balancing between action and important character building. However, the art is quite crude. In areas it can be good, but generally it's quite mediocre compared to titles such as Berserk or Vagabond. But if you can look past the art, the story is truly on of the best Manga has to offer.

2. Vagabond

This is genuinely the most impressive art I have ever seen in any Manga ever. The story in Vagabond is gripping and visceral. I will admit I was not completely hooked by the first few chapters, but It has quickly become one of my favorite Manga series of all time. It's only a shame that it will most likely never be finished.

1. Berserk

I truly believe Berserk to be the single greatest manga of all time. It's art is fantastic, it's story is dark and incredibly interesting, and it has one of my favorite characters in any piece of media ever. The stories protagonist 'Guts' is an interesting and multi-layered, in the beginning only seeming to be a heartless, emotional killer, you quickly get a glimpse into a past to see what forged Guts into the visceral killing machine he is in the Black Swordsman arc. The only problem is the story is on a long Hiatus and be warned, there is a small chance that it may never be finished, just like Vagabond. That aside, just do yourself a favor and read Berserk. It's extremely dark tone and constant rape and killing may be off-putting to some, but if you can get over that I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in your decision.


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