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The 9th Note in the Scale

Updated on April 27, 2013

What you cannot imagine
Is the same for those who do
For the fears upon which they walk
Are the same as you hold true
A beautiful woman
Who cannot turn a man’s head
A star revolving
Too far for the light to shine on your bed
The bend of a wire
To find a hidden note
The theory of an equation
Explained only by rote
A poor honest woman
Hoping for God’s salvation
Not understanding why she pays
For the failures of his creation
Inside the step beyond consciousness
The sounds we never hear
But existing in our dreams
Wash away with each tear
Where the water rises
Is where the boat sails
And where the sun sets
Is where humanity fails
For the horizon remains out of reach
Providing hope for mankind
Yet the distance between sounds
Is as far as understanding in the human mind


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