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Adolescent Poetry

Updated on April 17, 2016

The after Sin, a dark place

Soft and easy, hard and cold, light and gentle, big and bold. With a great feeling, love or sorrow. like a moment with no tomorrow, as light as day, or as cruel, as if there were no other way. Continuing on the crooked path. Striving for that loving peace, I feel my body floating through the clouds and up towards the heavens, suddenly the clouds grow darker shading my face. No more beauty for the crowded human race. I fall, slowly at first, then more quickly. Just as I thought that I would burst, I stop. I hang rocking over my past frozen in time in an evil frost. My body, my soul, lost.


The darken night turned darker as the black angel flew through the sky, sprinkling death magic for all of his believers to die. He stopped on roof tops and peered down below. Searching for a victim he would captivate them and force them to go.

He fed them false promises and he told them lies. Make believe happiness, a lifetime denied. Pain and suffering seems to be the only way. He looks for the lonely, and makes them his prey.

He hoped to find a dreamer, someone wishing to die. He would cover them in black and bid them a goodbye. Those wishing to die cannot run, and cannot hide. He is the black angel, he is suicide.

I am an Alcoholic

As the tears run down my cheek to my pillow, they will find and seek the big great willow. All the dreams I have ever wanted realized have crumbled so I should not worry. Is it love, concern, or is it fury? I sit here thinking it is just another day. It will not be long before I die, and unto God I pray. My dreams are gone, and the awful memories stay. As the tears dry up I realize they will never go away. All its pleasures, unrealized potential, my lustful disease redeem. It does not mean anything to me for I am very sick. They call me, and I know it is the truth. I am an alcoholic.

The Coffin's Door

Her eyes were closed and her skin was pale, as a friend I had failed.

I wore black and she wore red, momentarily I wished to be dead.

To be with her again, sharing secrets, being her friend. Would it be different,

if she were alive, and I were dead? Would she remember all of the things that we once said?

I looked at her now, hard and cold, wanting her again to hold.

Just as I started to cry, I swallowed hard and said goodbye. As my tears hit the floor, I looked

away while they closed the coffin door.

Heart of Plastic

Everyone is an image of a person that I would like to be. A piece or part missing, a large mass of density. I am a no one in a big sky filled with stars, hidden by false reactions, centered in destructive lies. I sometimes feel compelled to imitate the people that I think that I want to be. At the same time, I am striving to be my own person, lost in a whole different eternity. Someday, I might discover the true inner self. content with who she is. Until then the universe I will search.

The Hunter

I never asked for you. It was not me who pursued. You came to me unnoticed while my feelings were subdued. You hunted me just like an un-caged animal. And like a good hunter you preyed on my weaknesses, you preyed on my tender heart using my love and my innocence to tear me apart.

Just like the good hunter, in the woods, with the trees, you stalked me in regrettably. My devotion you seized. After the chase was over, and in the corner, it came to an end, just like the hunter, you hurt me, and then watched to see if I would defend.

After taking what you wanted, and leaving without the truth being said, you like the hunter, left pieces of my carcass, my feelings, my soul, for dead.

I will make this solemn vow, for the thing that is important, is the here and now. I will never forget all that you have done. You have ruined and spoiled my innocence, but you have not won. Someday, I promise...unnoticed like the hunter, I will sneak up on my prey. I will hurt him as much as he hurt me. I will make him pay...and make him wish that I had died in the woods, in those days, but this time I will be the hunter, and he who hurt me, will be my prey.

My Poems by k2jade31, Kimberly Shelden are licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License</a>. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at <axmlns:cc=""rel="cc:morePermissions" href=""></a>.


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      Kimberly Shelden 2 years ago from Idaho

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