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The Alpha and the Omega

Updated on September 14, 2018

In the beginning, there was this thought,

one of a saving grace, that of the Father,

And His remembering of just how sinful,

Humankind could be, of Him to so bother.

Could there to be just some special way,

Means of compensating, a forgiving of all,

The plan would one day become a reality,

The fatherGod, of His generosity, to call?

This child to be born of an earthly mother,

As heaven sent, as well, one in the same.

The heavenly Father to share, of his love,

The Baby Jesus would be its grand name.

The terrible King Herod, having heard of this birth,

Feared for his reign and ordered newly born killed.

Riding horses to every town, robbed many of lives,

Blood, the most precious life gift, soldiers all spilled.

The family overseen by angels led the parents away,

They came to Bethlehem, and at a manger to all stay.

The new babe was born on that very special evening,

Then was visited by wise men from afar, they did say.

Mother Mary and Joseph were his earthly parents' names,

Joseph was a woodworker, and sweet Mary, his new wife.

Earned livings by their sweat, over most bountiful of years,

They all lived in Jerusalem, is where they had a good life.

Was an image of Father Joseph, as young Jesus grew tall,

As in goodness, of all humbleness, soon answered His call.

HIs representing the best of all humanity, everyone did see,

The Creator in Heaven, indeed, a proud Father, as His to be.

Jesus was knowledgeable of His Heavenly Father's intent.

For He was His only real son, of the earthen sod to be sent.

Jesus soon had His disciples to follow Him in His own days,

Preached the Gospel, showed all his brethren the right ways.

The Roman ruler was so evil and determined to rid his realm,

A Jewish teacher, Jesus, changing lives to good, at the helm.

Pontius Pilate left the decision of Jesus, His life in a sacrifice,

Could not be responsible, he to say, this man to pay the price.

The revolutionary name Barrabas, chosen by Pilate over Jesus,

This allowed his release and then the Son of God, to be jailed.

Jesus, greatest teacher, leader of all goodness, was sentenced,

Was to be hung on a cross, as a sacrifice, for others who failed.

Jesus of Nazareth, true Son of God, sacrificed on that terrible Friday,

Was hung on a wooden cross, so that all could see his punishment.

The next day, The Sabbath in Jewish worship, all soon rested there,

As Jesus, his pitiful body had been placed in a tomb, with great care.

From sundown to sundown, the third day, He rose, His spirit with God,

He remained on earthly soil for a time, to speak to His followers there.

As He walked in the spiritual body, reminded his disciples of their duty,

Spreading the word of all goodness and of hope for a life forever after.

Jesus arose to be with His true Father, the God of all, our own Creator,

He sits in Heaven, by His right hand, angels sing in adoration, praises.

As from His humble earthly beginning, This King of Heaven and Earth,

Shows His mighty form in strength, of the universe, its width, and girth.


all rights reserved and protected under copyright laws 2018



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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from United States

      I felt the need to share this again. Blessings to all. whonu


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