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The Apartment of life

Updated on June 27, 2017
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I am a student of Film Language, Scriptwriting, Character development, Psychology (Allied subject), Graphic design and Visual Literacy

The story is narrated in the eyes of a novelist who stays in a very old apartment and keenly observes everyone’s life who are occupants of their respective flats. The story talks about different lives living inside the apartment. The apartment consists of 10 floors. On the ground floor door, no 107 lives a lonely restless artist called Leslie Nielsen who is always living in a world of fantasy and not able to accept the reality of this world. He paints a lot of canvas and all the themes he expresses through his art are violent and horrifying. Unknown to him there is a young woman called Margot Jessica living on the third floor who is doing her Ph.D. in psychology is madly in love with him. She secretly cares for him and wishes to be part of his life. Opposite her door she finds too frail elderly couple quarreling all the time. They are trying to make their life go every day with the meager pension they have.

On the tenth floor lives, a General called Edward who has three daughters. He constantly have to leave his family since his duty requires to be posted in many places. His first daughter called Pamela is very proud of the way she looks and aspires to become a Hollywood star. She once visited a palmist who said her that she will succeed in her ambition for a short time but will learn a tough lesson about the ways of the world.

The elderly couple spends the whole day talking about their times as far as 1920’s so much that the next door neighbors can hear through their walls all night long. The elderly man is seriously sick and coughs whole day yet he keeps yelling at his only companion in spite of all the care and attention she gives to him. Such are the ways of men. Their only daughter drowned in the sea as a child a half century ago while chasing a toy boat. In their humble house hangs the only picture of their beloved daughter which is turning yellow with age and showing sign of deterioration. They were unaware that their loving daughter is still with them in the form of a blurry ghost.

At night they hear strange noises in the kitchen but they are too old to get up in the middle of their sleep to find out what really causing these noises. In the eight floor lives a happy man who once in a year invites everyone in the apartment to his house to celebrate his young son’s birthday. Even though, many show up for the feast even without carrying gifts for the child. He is still very much pleased to have them around. He wants to make his son feel special. He lost his wife due to cancer and raising the child as a single father which is very difficult for him.

The daughter of the army men who is strictly brought up by him manages to secure her face in a cigarette ad and made some decent money. She liked the penetrating glance of obnoxious men who want to possess her. She started enjoying this attention. While her little sisters dreamed of becoming a doctor or a teacher. Pamela never shared her money she earned with her family. She saw her family nothing more than an obstacle to her dreams. She wanted complete liberty. No one should stop her. She is queen in her world. One day she will learn the hard way about what life gives and takes from one.

The artist living on the first floor started getting dreams of the woman who is in love with him. The next day he started painting her face in all the canvas. The woman happened to glance at one of his painting and got very thrilled when the door to his room was slightly open. She thought his head is pure and empty and that she needs to fill it with her instructions. Sooner or later one day they both will get married or maybe not.

One day the old man goes to the market to buy some vegetables but doesn’t return for a long time. His wife after a whole day of waiting for him receives the news in the evening that her husband died in the church while praying. The church priest heard his last word calling father forgive me. His widow cried endlessly knowing that her future is dark in this cruel world with no one to even look at her. She secured a cheap burial for her husband with few flatmates attending the funeral. It was raining heavily that many rushed under the tree to seek shelter. But the old woman stood in front of her husband grave telling a long prayer for him.

Pamela slowly gets into the bold world of acting where in the name of art her body is exploited she thinks she will be the next Marilyn Monroe. She doesn’t understand the true meaning of love nor she cares for men who are honest and simple. She wants to do everything against her parents’ wishes.

The artist hears the news of his famous star committing suicide due to depression. He was someone who made him laugh when he was a child. He feels a sudden vacuum in his life after the passing of his favorite actor. His secret admirer watching is action clearly and desperately wants to knock some sense into his head. One day she dares to get into his room and snatches the canvas from his hands and tells him bluntly that I am watching you for more than four years and I know every weakness of yours. Will you marry me or continue live like a fool. The artist was gently surprised to see the woman of his dream standing in front of his eyes. But something made him do a foolish thing of telling her that he wants to dedicate his whole life for art and he doesn't have a place for a woman. She leaves the room tearfully. After three months he hear the news that she got married to her childhood school friend and now lives in London happily. He regrets his decision bitterly.

The widower being a single parent gets fired from his job since a new efficient technology as come in his place and can handle the work of 100 man powers. He tries all kind of job but in vain. He ends up borrowing money from his neighbor. In the end, he attempts to break into rich people houses to get some money to support his son but he gets caught and sentenced to three years in prison. The authorities hands over his son to his rich aunt where he finds a joyful life with his cousins.

Pamela finally understands the real meaning of life. She is fed up with all the lies that men tell her. She wants to be real. She goes to a cemetery and takes a seat under a large oak tree. While preoccupied with her thoughts he notices the artist Leslie Nielsen crying all alone muttering some words which she cannot understand. She tries to console him but in the heat of the moment, they start kissing and caressing each other. Immediately both of them fall in love with each other. They had enough of loneliness. After a year they got married. The artist finds a good job in a well-known firm. He is very much contented with his life.

The novelist finally feels that he has done with his own life takes a revolver and shoots himself in his head. All the people living in the apartment rushes to his house only to see him lying in a pool of blood. He becomes a spirit and sees the spirit of the little girl who tells him that the old woman as died too and it is time for them to leave this world forever. A white light shines on his face and his soul moves towards it. The white light slowly disappears along with him. A thick blanket of snow starts covering the apartment.That’s the end of this story.

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    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 10 months ago from our World

      This was my first story here and I got ads disabled due to the nature of content.

    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 11 months ago from our World

      I was inspired to write this story when I was listening to the song Flight From The City by Jóhann Jóhannsson.