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The Arrival of Lost Love / Last Part

Updated on September 4, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Brother Green told David that it was appropriate for him to marry Sarah to Ali. And our sister Amy is still young and needs a good relationship. If you think it's appropriate, it would be better to take the Amy relationship instead of Sarah.

David told him the whole old story of himself and Amy.

Brother Green said in surprise, "It's amazing that your monkey is pampered that a fly landed on the owner's nose and he hit the stone." You are ruining four lives by obeying his command. Ali has expressed his choice to me and asked for help.

David said what should I do, the father is stubborn.

Brother Green said angrily that we could not risk our lives in the face of his stubbornness.

David's father called Brother Green and Amy's cousins ​​to arrange a wedding date.

Ali's father, who was a little older, did not talk to David freely, so he talked to his elder sister Jessica with all his heart, so the husband did not come among these siblings. Jessica finally told her husband about her son's madness.

The husband was surprised and even a little angry that when it was so important to question our son's happiness, why you treated him like that. Just to fulfill the father's unreasonable stubbornness.

Jessica clarified that the girl also agrees with David. If he had a tendency, I would tell you. But...

The husband interrupted and said that she was an ignorant girl. For a while, he may have been attracted to David's personality but now I don't think he should refuse for Ali. Now I feel his attention towards Ali. I felt the friendship between the two. However, it can be celebrated. It is not difficult but Uncle repents. I will talk to David about this situation and try to find a solution. I will not allow David to be crushed in this unreasonable stubbornness.

When Jessica's husband spoke to David, he cried and said, "I have been oppressed like a constant in life." To forget the grief of Amy, my total unwelcome wife who was a liar and greedy people were also involved with my daughter. I forgave her and took care of her rights. He also thanked the Lord for his abnormal off Amy and was patient. Now I can't ruin this girl's life. But I no longer have the courage to go against my father's promise. I wish someone could convince them that I would have committed suicide if it was not prohibited. If you can do something, I can't lose Amy again.

Jessica's husband said, "Be of good cheer, I will not let the happiness of you and my son be trampled on."

David looked at him with grateful eyes.

Jessica's husband met Brother Green and Amy's uncles and the three men in a cafe. Then they made a plan and agreed to it.

David went to his father to talk about marriage and fixed the date of marriage. And start preparing for the wedding with fanfare.

Together with Brother Green and Joseph's cousin, they made all the expenses and budget of the wedding and took half of the expenses in consultation with each other. And start preparations.

Aunt wanted the house to be so big, so why don't we have a wedding in our own house. There will be prosperity. We don't have to worry about the hotel when there is a big house.

Everyone appreciated the proposal and said that we would wonderfully decorate the house and also marry Brother Green's daughter so that the duty would be fulfilled.

Aunt also liked her granddaughter's marriage proposal.

The three families worked out a wedding plan together and also collaborated and disassembled the menu.

David's father was overjoyed to hear that everything was going according to his will.

Amy began to be very thankful to her Lord that her daughter would go to her father-in-law with honor, otherwise she would not have thought of such a big bang.

At some point, as soon as he remembers David's words, he begins to fear that he will try his best to marry her. Will. Amy was satisfied that he would never abuse Sarah but now at some point, his mind would be forced to think that Sarah laughs and talks to Daily Ali till late at night. Do not have. Otherwise, it will be regrettable. If that happened then she would save her life from marrying a big man, even if it was only a minute before the marriage. But now she is compelled by her desire and she saw that she was becoming quite sensible now. Aunt also noticed this.

The aunt was regretting that if she had not taken Joseph out of the house at that time, maybe today this lovely and sincere girl could have become her grandson's daughter-in-law. But in his jealousy and haste, he lost two diamonds. She would have regretted that if she had been Amy's widow, she would have got her eldest son married to her, who was a virgin at that time but older than Amy, but at that time she also considered it a sin to think that a widow's son Never does, However, she was impressed by the nature of Amy and her husband's devotion to her stepdaughter who is young and loves her like a real mother.

But now that he was home, he intended to satisfy his conscience and atone for his past sins.

The marriage was decided to take place before the marriage and it was decided that the cards would not be a hassle and everyone would be invited on the telephone so that both time and money would not be wasted. People who are cooperative and sensible and sincere will not hesitate to understand their wedding engagements. Because the competition in the cards also starts that it will be more honorable to hide expensive cards. Wow. Even expensive cards can be printed and seen at a glance, if it is very good, then it will be adorned with rubbish at home. Writing the name of Allah on it can be rude again.

Ali was helping his parents prepare for the wedding and was worried. His mother would comfort him.

. Amy used to think sadly. She went out with David that day and found a lot of consolation in her loving company. She did not say or do anything nasty. He expressed his love and said that everything else is a game of luck. I will not be able to give my heart to anyone who will become a wife except you, but I will not neglect my duties. You can be sure of that. Ali wants Sarah like crazy. The duo also looks cute. But who will explain to Sarah? Ask her out well if she is no longer absorbed in the connection, as Aunt often says that Ali would be more appropriate for her.

Ali Sarah began to insist that you refuse marriage. David said there is no shortage of young relationships for uncles. But she listened to everything he said but did not come to this topic. Then Sarah warned her that if she talked about it again, she would stop talking to you. She became depressed and became very serious. Her friends stopped explaining to her because she had threatened them too. He sadly began to accompany her in her wedding preparations.

Sarah was no longer interested in anything. She would go to the bazaar and get lost.

Friends got annoyed and tried to vomit because Amy was also upset to see him upset. He asked her to talk to her friends and find out the reason.

When the friends said that you don't regret your decision now, you don't regret it, you don't love Ali anymore. ?

As soon as Sarah heard this, he burst out in anger and spoke clearly in front of them. He has not fallen in love with her and she has not been regretting her decision and the next time someone talks about it, I will do something. Why do you people bother my mother by saying such things?

Friends were surprised to see his angry tone and fell silent.

When Amy apologized to her for her behavior, she cried and said, "Auntie, we didn't do anything. She is our sister." But we blame him for the stupidity of losing a man like Ali. Uncle David will never even love him. He will walk with him like a robot. Suppose he is a very good person. Someone with him suits the lady of your age.

Sarah, who got up in the other room and left angrily, her voices were reaching her ears. It occurred to her that a good man like David suits my mother, but despite loving Ali and David Regretting the relationship with her, she felt helpless and helpless as she had promised her mother that she would not let her honor be tarnished. Nana will not turn away from the language.

Her friends went to her room and hugged her and kept crying and praying for her good luck. In response, Sarah also kept crying and apologizing for her bitter behavior. Amy, who was sitting next to her, kept crying and praying for her good fortune because her life would have become an Amy because of this girl. When she was saddened by the excesses of guidance and fighting, she would ask for her tears and love her. Praying for the death of the father in the heart. If it ever did in front of Amy, Amy would cut it hard.

No one is born badly. Time and circumstances make him bad. Some walk on the straight path in every situation, but some are seduced by the devil and put the spirit of revenge in their heart and become angry with the helpless. Keep taking what is within their reach. Whether it is a weak wife or children, or an employee or whatever makes them feel weaker than themselves, it becomes their nature to bully and intimidate.

Amy explains to Sarah that the same is the case with your father, an orphan of childhood, then because of the economic problem, his mother has to live at his brother's door and live under pressure and also instruct him. Then Aunt's naughty attitude. Her sense of inferiority compared to her children. Then their children also despise the mother and humiliate her. Uncles helpless in front of uncles. Acting like a mother's servant. Wearing them and their children's underwear continued to make the instruction rebellious within. Mom would give her the same advice just don't drop out of education. He also studied and reached the nineteenth grade.

Two days before the marriage, Amy received a telephone call that Ali had taken sleeping pills and was now in a life-and-death struggle.

When Amy heard this, she started crying. When Sarah heard this, he started screaming and crying that I have brought him in this condition. I had refused to marry him. I broke his heart that I do not love him while the truth is the opposite. Love intensely but I was compelled. She was sitting in the hospital talking in front of everyone. Her friends were taking care of her. Jessica was crying. She was consoling Ali's mother. The whole family was gathered and was disturbed by the words of Amy Sarah.

Amy was consoling Ali's mother and was also praying. David's father was sitting quietly in his chair. Ali's father was cursing him when he came to Pakistan. He said he wished he had not come to Pakistan and he would not have to see this day.

Jessica was crying and telling her father that you are responsible for all of them. If you were not a slave to your desires, you would not have to see this day. David is the king of which country whose son is to be his heir to the throne. Even if he does not have children, all the struggle, wealth, and naming of the poor will make your hereafter glorious. To no avail.

Brother Green and his cousin from Amy talked about Sarah's relationship, saying that David is not suitable for Sarah. They wanted to talk to Amy about Sarah and have a relationship with Ali and Amy with David.

But Amy decided without hearing her full story that she and her daughter have decided once and for all and she can never spoil her daughter's happiness. This is her daughter's happiness.

At that time, Brother Green, Aunt's son, David, her husband, and Ali's parents all made a secret plan that they prepare for the wedding routinely. One day before the wedding, Ali had to pretend that he had taken sleeping pills behind the Sarah Are Lee. In this regard, he had also requested a friend of David and told him the whole situation. He laughed and said that now I have to do the work of connecting hearts. He agreed.

Ali, on the other hand, was heartbroken by Sarah's words and took sleeping pills and did not tell anyone. Coincidentally, his mobile was in charge of Jessica's room and when David called, Jessica did so and asked about the situation and gave it to the mobile maid to give to Ali. She entered the room because the door was open and she was not answering even after repeated knocks. The maid peeked inside and asked, "Sir, your phone."

She had just spoken so much that she saw Ali lying unconscious on the carpet. She had an empty medicine bottle lying near her. She came screaming and said, "Ali Sahib is lying unconscious. There is an empty medicine bottle lying nearby." Ali had to pick up and walk away.

When the nurse came to the hospital and told him that he had brought his friend's nephew Ali. He had taken sleeping pills. He understood the drama and was sitting quietly. David came in quickly and scolded him. He said calm down but David said he has eaten so he got nervous and started walking.

Ali's mother would occasionally eat if she had a problem with sleep. Ali secretly brought her from his room. Coincidentally, there were few in it. Then she swallowed as much as she had.

His stomach was washed and he was now out of danger, but to bring David's father and Sarah back on the right path, the word was spread that his life was in danger if he did not regain consciousness by tomorrow. Sarah was crying and praying for Ali's life. His friends were calling David as Uncle. She was going to apologize to Amy and David's father by apologizing and saying that Mama I love Ali and she was getting married so that you would not be ashamed in front of everyone and you would not be disrespected and Grandpa, don't take me for granted and I kept denying Ali.

Amy went ahead and kissed her helplessly, saying that she was going to make such a big sacrifice just for the sake of my honor and for the sake of Nana's talk lodge. I am proud of you. Real daughters do not have such an honor nowadays. Everyone was cheering her and Nana Jan put her hand on her head with compassion and said, "Daughter, you have bowed my head with your steadfastness and selflessness." Now I will marry you to Ali and put my hand on Amy's head with compassion and spoke with Amy's instruction.

When Amy looked at him in surprise, Sarah clapped happily and shouted, "Long live Hare Nana Jan". David also looked at his father in surprise and when he came closer, he apologized and said that I was wrong. Now, even if you don't have a child, there is no grief. The next generation does not even remember the names of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers so that they can give some charity for their reward. Now I will dedicate a part of my wealth for the welfare of the poor, God willing, which will continue to be a charity for me later.

Ali, who had been forcibly laid down, could hear the sound of the lute.

The doctor said that no more tension should be given to the elders so that their health would not be affected. He came out and said that Ali has regained consciousness and is now out of danger but is repeatedly calling out a Sarah. Take it and sigh immediately. The rest will meet in the morning or later.

Sarah was sent to the room and Ali was asked to act. He slowly started calling Sarah. Sarah cried and expressed his love for him. Ali opened his eyes and she started to be ashamed. Ali extended his dripping hand towards her and said that he not dreaming.

Sarah did not speak shyly and hurried out. Sarah heard Jessica telling Amy that you and David have made many sacrifices for the pleasure of others. Now no one will fall in love with you. He said, "Insha'Allah, I will not allow anyone to come between me and Amy, and Amy is ashamed."

Sarah came to me and said in surprise, "Mama, were you sacrificing your love for my happiness?" When Jessica told him all the details, he cried and hugged Amy and said, "Mama, I am proud of you." Then David hit Mecca and said, "Papa, you should be beaten. Now I will call you Papa." He hugged her and kissed her on the head, saying that he was forced to forgive her, even in the doll, out of respect for relationships and respect for her father.

I am also proud of my father. Jessica said, "Okay, now everyone should go home and rest. Thankfully, there is a private clinic, otherwise everyone would be watching our dramas. David had made a deal with the doctor and emptied this portion so that there would be privacy."

Marriages will be performed with fanfare. Nana Jan from Amy was very happy that God had blessed him with two sons in a row in two years.

Ali and Sarah had a daughter. Which was the life of all the family members...

David's father was amazed that God had given him two grandchildren from an older woman. While the young man was lying down and giving birth to a one-month-old baby girl and they were celebrating like his son, he said that he did not care about his son or daughter.

David's father began to feel ashamed of his past behavior and thinking.


© 2020 Hassan Ali


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