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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 10

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Amy thought that Sarah is considering marriage as a game. She does not understand that marriage is the name of a responsibility that a woman has to fulfill until her death. And Sarah had no responsibility yet, so she started explaining and advising her all the time. Sarah would be surprised and sometimes she would say, "Mama, my friend will be there." She said, "We will go shopping whenever we want. We will go out whenever we want. It will be a lot of fun."

Amy said that such a thing is not going to happen because, after marriage, even the parents cannot follow their daughter's wishes, so what is a friend. The friend, of course, stays close to home but will she be with you all the time. Then what would not be her marriage? Not to mention the one you are going to fall in love with. Hey, you're just going to David to be the mother of his daughter.

Sarah immediately made a bad face and spoke. I am not anyone's mother; she shouted.

Amy said that if you do not consider David's daughter as your own, then David who gives his life for her will get angry then what will you do. And you have to serve his Grandfather too, sit next to him and have a gossip with him. You have to look at the whole system of the house because there is no woman there. And the breakfast of the men of the house. Food, washing their clothes, cleaning the house, all the work you...

What Mama! She cut her off and asked if his employees don't do all this work? I have seen employees working there.

The mother explained that the employees do not do it themselves, they are made to do as much as they do, and they do not dare to do extra work. They don't have to do everything right and on time. Some are thieves, some are lazy. Some fraudulent deals save money by lying. Ten things out of twelve or fifteen. Some thieves have to protect their mobile phones with their money ornaments. We have to prepare food on time. But not everyone is like that. Now our aunt's maid is also very good. David's father then has to cook piously.

Holding Sarah's head, she said, "Is this marriage or a new job?"

Amy said the woman who gets this job is lucky. A boy takes his family as his own for the rest of his life and runs the whole house to him.

Sarah laughed and said, "I keep chasing him for household chores." You could see Mama David's house right then. In the meantime, Sarah got a call from his niece from David's house.

Hello Aunty.

Sarah spoke angrily. She warned her that if she called me aunty like an elder, we wouldn’t remain friends anymore. She laughed and said goodbye, my young aunt. Then she was happy and said that when Grandfather saw you, David liked her uncles and said that this forgotten girl would be good for David. He spoke to me about what you say. I was happy and said ok my friend will come to me then I told her that my laptop is broken then if you bring me a new one I will try to celebrate it. And then my luck that you quickly agreed and now I am going to buy a new laptop with Ali, no one understands this secret.

If I had known before, I would have dealt with half. So very clever.

The friend smiled and said what can happen now, now this Dell Phil is mine. She laughed and hung up the phone.

Amy called out to Sarah for tea.

Jessica's call came that she was coming tomorrow to have a relationship with her aunt.

The aunty who was already upset to hear that Sarah's relationship with a married man is taking place at the behest of Sarah and Amy has said yes and they are preparing for the wedding with a bang.

Both aunts' sons called to say that they were coming to Pakistan with their families soon. It is a matter of one's own country and closeness to one's own is the greatest blessing. This blessing cannot be obtained from wealth. Children should not be deprived of the warmth and affection of their grandmother's lap. He immediately ordered the eviction of the tenants and allocated one portion for one brother and another for the other.

Aunt's tenants soon left. Amy is now worried about where she will go now.

When Jessica came and talked about the relationship with her aunt, she said that my son is coming. You guys keep preparing for the wedding. The wedding date will be fixed when the children come.

Amy began to wonder what she would do after Sarah's marriage and where she would go. There would be no room for her in this house. They also have children. And there is no spare room. She made a light remark to her aunt that she would stay somewhere else after the arrival of her children. Her aunt scolded her not to think so but she knew that her aunt would also be helpless in front of her daughters-in-law.

No one except Jessica knew about his and David's love. He told Jessica to keep it a secret. After marriage, she told her daughter about herself and David. Did not want to be suspicious of.

Jessica also promised that she would not ruin her brother's house by saying such a thing.

Amy got a call that David's daughter had died.

At the same time, Amy took Sarah and reached David's house. Everyone in the house was sitting quietly near her dead body. Jessica was shedding tears while David was crying badly. Both mother and daughter sat quietly near Jessica.

David's father is a short distance away.

David's father was sitting in a chair a short distance away. After a while, Amy asked her to bring water to Sarah's ear. She was surprised to see her and Amy signaled her to go to the kitchen.

When Sarah went to the kitchen, Ali took the bread from the shopper and entered the kitchen. As soon as he saw Sarah, a smile spread on his face. He saw that there was no one in the kitchen. He immediately spoke to Sarah. So all will be well.

Sarah scolded him and said angrily, "Leave me alone."

Saying yes, she picked up the glass and walked out and handed the glass to her mother. She told her to give it to David. She will take the glass closer to David and drink some water. He drank water in one breath and grabbed the glass.

So it was time to pick up the body and David started crying and shouting and calling my doll.

The funeral went on and Jessica told the maid to take all the guests to the drawing-room for dinner as some of the guests and the women of the neighborhood were leaving.

David's father told Jessica not to let anyone go without feeding them and he insisted on stopping the women from eating.

Amy asked Sarah to come to the kitchen with her and started helping the maid in putting food and serving.

When David's father came to the kitchen door, he found Amy happy.

They went back to see.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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