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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 11

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Returning from the funeral, David came exhausted and went to his room.

Amy told Jessica that David needed moral support at this time by feeding him.

Jessica said with a cold sigh, this time he needs your support. David's father was standing behind him. He thanked Amy for taking care of everyone. She cooked homemade bread for him. She was amazed and happy that everyone cares about Amy.

Amy said, "Uncle, thank you. This is my daughter's future father-in-law. As such, it is my duty."

David's father bowed his head and walked away.

The hair on his head was getting quite white. The hair in his family used to turn white quickly. David's head was also turning quite white.

Jessica was telling someone that he only blackened his head once a year on his daughter's birthday. Now he won't either.

Amy also cooked homemade bread for David. When Jessica took the food, he refused. Jessica said that Amy had baked the bread with his own hands. And forcibly brought him to eat.

David's father was also sitting there. All of them were gone except the people close to him.

Jessica said to eat food Amy has worked hard.

David looked at Amy, who was sitting very confidently as if his heart was satisfied and he quietly broke the first bite of food, then his niece came and sat near him and also sat Sarah next to him and said let's go. I feed my dear uncles. She began to feed him and he began to eat. After eating, Sister Jessica said thankfully he ate the food otherwise he was not eating anything since yesterday.

David asked his father, "Dad, did you eat?"

Jessica replied, "Yes, your father's bread was baked at home."

He thankfully looked at Amy and said thank you very much. Thank you so much for coming and supporting us and sharing our sorrows.

Did you eat yourself or not?

Jessica was saying, "First, after eating father and David, then we will eat."

Addressing her, Amy said, "Don't worry, she is my daughter's future father-in-law. There is nothing to be thankful for. We had to come in principle."

Sarah was watching and listening to everything in amazement.

Dad also praised Amy for supporting him. He said, "Amy if you are requested to stay with us in our house after marriage, we will be happy. Anyway, you will be alone after this marriage and if your aunt is not there, where will you go?

Jessica happily said it’s perfectly fine and very appropriate.

David also said you have to shift here.

Sarah also spoke happily. Yes, Mama.

Amy looked at everyone and said thank you all for your sincerity but if I live far away, I will rarely come to my daughter's house. I do not think it is appropriate to intervene between living in my daughter's house and son-in-law. He knows best who does not leave those who have not given birth to children or sons. He makes no resources.

Mama, why did you speak anxiously? Why can't you live together I thought there is such a big house here, you can live comfortably.

David said you have to stay with us then we will be satisfied. I had already thought about it.

Amy didn't look at David with wet eyes and said David this will not be possible for me.

And let's get up and say let's go, Sarah, let's go, it's getting late.

Dad said go eat.

Amy is not naive Uncle is not hungry.

Jessica said, "It's wonderful. You haven't drunk water yet. You will feed everyone and now you will go hungry. You also forced me to feed you. I had to take medicine."

David looked at her with injured eyes and asked her to pack his food.

Amy is not worker, my house has chef, and I will just go and bake bread when I am hungry. Thank you very much.

David said that Ali will leave you.

Let us go, I'll get Uber or Cream.

Dad said no Ali will leave.

Amy fell silent and a smile ran across Ali's face. He ran and got the car key.

On the way, Ali took three burgers from McDonald's and stopped the car and said let's worship the stomach.

Sarah happily said wow burgers.

Amy said, "Son, why did you bother?"

Ali said, "Auntie G, rats were running in my stomach. You filled the stomach of these villains, but we did not ask the helpless people."

Sarah asked innocently, "Who is the villain?"

Ali grimaced and said, "If I had been on the bus, I would have cut his ticket."

Amy began to smile.

Amy was happily eating burgers like children and Ali looked at her with loving eyes and whispered in Amy's ear Aunty G. Why are you ruining the life of this innocent? Unable to lift. This house needs a mature woman like you to forgive. I mean you're not the same age as you. You will not mind.

Amy which he had forcibly put on the front seat.

Amy said I love my daughter's happiness.

Ali made an offensive face and said that she is a fool and will regret it later. Which uncle dies on it? They are my uncle's cousins. My uncle knows them from childhood. She says that she believed only to please her father, otherwise she would have liked someone like her classmate before. Were. Uncle David used to love this girl very much. Even then grandfather came between his love and now mine. Have you see something wrong with me. The brain is also bad at the comet of Sarah. You explain it then.

Amy replied; David also has no problem. Lucky people are lucky to have such people. I know that he will never fail to fulfill the rights and duties of my daughter. And will try to keep her happy.

Ali said he is 37 years old. He also started studying late. First, he started setting up his father's business. Then when his father came up with an idea, he directed him to study. Your daughter is only twenty years old now. Think for yourself how much difference there is. Sixteen to seventeen years.

If he had been married at the age of sixteen, he would have had so many daughters. Day by day they will move towards increasing age.

Amy said, "Even if I don't give her a daughter, her father doesn't care. He has to find another young girl. Then why should I leave a good man like him in whom my daughter's happiness lies."

Ali come nearer and said, "Well, if they back off, then you won't mind, not me."

Amy said this is not possible, how can your uncles be against his promise.

"I know uncles can never do that, but in this case the situation is different," Ali explained disturbingly. Uncles know that I love Sarah and he is much younger than them. They do not want to ruin her life. I have talked to my family in detail. They have been emotionally blackmailed just for the sake of their father's health and safety. Grand father is very stubborn. Uncles are afraid that something will happen to them. Because they love them so much and their life is dear to them. They say, "If you can persuade Grandfather, then persuade me. If they accept me even a second before the marriage, then I will deviate from your path at that time and I will arrange the marriage of Sarah for you. She is the daughter of the father." I will get married to my responsibility. I will never leave these mothers and daughters alone. I will always take care of them. I know that Amy Sahib is very selfish but I will not leave her alone. They respect and appreciate you very much. Aunty, you are so good.

Amy said no, nothing like that now.

Sarah who was sitting quietly spoke with great confidence. My uncle is the greatest in the world.

Ali looked at him in the mirror and said, "Thank you for talking about a job that I am 100 percent agree, otherwise I do not agree with you and any fool."

Sarah stared at him.

She smiled.

Ali then addressed Amy and said, "Aunty, our family members also appreciate you very much and the witch sitting behind her is also very innocent." At this age, some girls make this kind of habit due to lack of father's love, some of them show it sensibly and some of them regret it a lot.

All my family members tried to persuade Grandfather but he did not touch her. He said, "You guys, of course, take the relationship of Sarah. I will get married to another young girl. Will buy that muttered poor Hitler out of nowhere. Then he said in a pleading tone from Amy, "Aunty, please accept my wish and fulfill my wish." It doesn't matter to the uncles whether it is Sarah or someone else.

Amy replied helplessly I just love my daughter's happiness.

Ali said coldly and began to think that instead of working hard, he would have to convince her daughter.

He said, "Let me feed you ice cream."

Sarah happily said wow.

Amy said no son you will be late.

Ali said secretly that I had told my family that I would come late at night and before I told them, Mama had laughed and said, "If you hadn't told me, we would have guessed."

He took a come of relief to the cream parlor and sat down in the family cabin, pushing the menu forward and telling me which food she would like.

Amy said she will eat what my daughter eats.

Sarah then enthusiastically started looking at the menu and then said which one do I like and this too. Let's take a deep breath.

Ali got up and began to explain the order to him.

Looking at Sarah's mother, he said, "Mama, how good she looks."

Light music was also playing. Amy was also feeling good. Ali started to get up while apologizing, so Sarah jokingly said that he was going to make a deal to wash the dishes with the manager.

He smiled and said you will wash too. And had to walk.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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