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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 12

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

When the waiter brought Ice cream, Ali ordered two ice cream flavors which Sarah liked and put them in front of her. I asked for my own and Amy's flavor separately and both of them put it in front of Amy and said both of them should taste what they like. I didn't ask for your daughter's flavor so that you can test this flavor too so that next time you can eat it She did not taste it.

Sarah, who was enjoying herself like a child without any need for anything, suddenly started eating and started asking if she would do it again.

Ali said you can come at least once a week. She said happily.

Giving a cup to Ali, Amy said, "Well, both are tasty, but I will take one."

Sarah asked in surprise, "Are these different flavors? Let me taste them too. I got up forcibly and tasted them and said, 'Wow, these are also delicious.'

Ali said to himself do not offer us and is also looking at us. Ali ate one half of it and replaced it with his own.

Sarah replied so well.

Amy was upset and surprised to see that Ali wanted her like crazy.

Sitting in a chair near Ali Amy, he said softly, "Aunty, I have traveled the world, but I have never seen such innocence." What will happen if her grandfather has expectations from her as a housewife and she can't do that, please don't ruin her life?

Amy changed the aspect did not respond.

When the waiter brought the bill, Amy told Ali that she would pay the bill. And he took the purse in her hand and opened it. Ali grabbed her hand and said that it is very inappropriate to pay the bills while having son like me.

When Amy started insisting again, he made a face and said, "Okay, if you don't consider me a son, then pay with enthusiasm."

Amy put the purse back and smiled and touched his head with compassion. She smiled.

When Ali gave the bill and the rest tipped it, Sarah, who was looking at him with tears in his eyes, said in surprise, "Such a high bill of four ice creams."

Sarah said to Ali, today you just came to leave us and how much did we spend on you? Now we will not go to eat ice cream.

Ali whispered near Amy's ear while driving the car. It also makes others realize how much she likes ice cream.

Amy said proudly that she is my daughter one in a million and when she looked back she was looking out of the window thinking something serious.

When Ali dropped them off at home, Amy thanked him. And smiling, he left, looked at Sarah, and walked away. Sarah did not respond.

Come home and lie down.

Sarah said embarrassedly. I was very sad about David's daughter. I was talking about the ice cream parlor.

Amy is over.

Sarah thought for a moment and said that Mama David's head looked very white.

Amy clarified that Sister Jessica was telling his family that their heads turn white quickly. David was white from matriculation but not from old age.

Sarah was silent in reply and hugged her and said, "My sweet mama, I love you."

Amy also loved him and prayed that God bless you and be happy forever.

The next day Ali came home with a smile that Mama had sent. At the same time, Sarah's friends also came. And taking humility from Ali, they started complaining to him about where our share is.

Ali said that Mama had cooked the pot for the reward of David's uncle's daughter. I talk to Mama Keep it for my years too.

Don't try to keep your heart happy by talking for years. Tell Grandfather clearly that he should find another maid for David's uncles so as not to be an obstacle in the way of my love. You just convince Grandfather Hitler, you will slap the rest of the Sarah twice and get rid of the ghost of uncles and when Aunty obeys her daughter, she will also obey. I have even started to see some young poor young ladies and some have even started celebrating.

A replied you climb on the roof and say I'm going to jump out of here if...

Ali hurriedly said he would come from behind and push him to go hurry.

A friend suggested that if you don't make them emotional then you do it yourself.

Ali said that his liver was moving sadly in front of him. Everyone says that he was forced to get married for the first time and he performed it. It is not right to oppress him again. It is not right to put so much pressure on his heart now that he is not young. But they do not come to mercy. It is said that his first wife was not beautiful. Now he will get a beautiful young wife. I will see how he will not be happy. When he has my grandson in his lap, he will give me prayers.

A friend said there was a gap of twenty years between my uncles and aunts, but they were both happy that they both agreed. Many people are happy despite the age difference, but here the matter is different, one is not the will of the uncles, the other is our friend is delicate temperament and simple, she cannot take responsibility for such a big house and grandparents.

One idea is that we lie to Grandfather Hitler that the girl is no longer believing. Then, of course, if they find another young man, the uncles will also fail, not because you like him and they are robbing you. He can also say that apart from Sarah, let him marry any young girl he wants. Let's walk today and shake hands with him.

Sarah's friends reached David's house and started telling Grandfather that we know Sarah well. He just said yes out of emotion. Anyway, Ali likes her. You can get her married to someone else but Sarah.....

Grandfather interrupted and said, "By the way, I trust my children, Ali and David." If the nature of the relationship changes, they are not so bad that they do not respect the relationship. I have seen many cases in which the brother liked someone but he got married to his brother and the brother also knew and trusted the wife and also the brother and they live together in the same house but Later he gives importance only to his wife with whom he gets married. So sometimes it can be a temporary emotion, otherwise, in this day and age, everyone becomes mad, but there is someone who bathes. Don't worry, I have taken this step by asking Sarah. I have not taken any steps. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. You guys don't worry, everything will be fine, God willing. Now go and prepare for the wedding. Celebrate. Very good.

Sarah's friend got up disappointed.

Ali said I did not say he would never believe.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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