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The Arrival of Lost Love/ Part 2

Updated on August 29, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

Lost Love
Lost Love

Even after so many years, Amy saw and recognized him, so Jessica is his sister. David could not recognize her because she was wearing a veil. She quickly sat in the car and was embarrassed at her behavior.

When Jessica asked her about the way home on asking of her brother David, she was shocked. She slowly began to show Jessica the way and at the same time apologized for bothering to drop her. So Jessica lovingly took her hand and smiled at her and said, "No matter, we are ready to bother to come to your house again and again."

Amy bowed his head.

Jessica kissed her hand lovingly.

When they reached home, he hurried down to Amy and opened the door, and said to Jessica, "Please come."

Jessica smiled and said that she has seen the house and will come next time.

Dropping off the Amy, David drove fast.

She just watched while standing the car to go away while standing.

The maid who had kept her for day and night called her. It was late at night. The maid had opened the door after ringing the bell for a long time. Her eyes were full of sleep.

When Amy came home, her aunt was asleep.

She changed her clothes and lay down on the bed and got lost in the past.

Amy belonged to the middle class. Father was a clerk in college. She was the only child. He was very fond of reading. She was studying at her father's college. She was quick in her studies, took scholarships, and paid for her education. The mother was illiterate, she wanted to get her married soon, but the father did not agree. She was settled. Mother's scolding and warning: If you go to college and start a love affair or if I feel a little hint, then your studies will be over. At the same time, I will find a relationship for you and you will be getting married as quickly as I could.

Mother was not even in favor of making friends. She thought that often a person starts doing wrong things against the wishes of his friends and it is difficult to find a true friend in these days and age. Girls go to college less for education and more for fashion and make friends and waste their time looking for boys and destroy their lives.

Amy's mother would not let her do fashion. Don't let her make friends with anyone in the family or the neighborhood. Don't let her anyone bring home. Listening to songs and watching movies was also impossible. If he ever listened to music on his father's words, his parents would start arguing with each other. She buys a second-hand laptop with very difficult, after saving money from her pocket money. She does not make friends with anyone for fear of her mother.

Mom teaches her housework by force. She tells him to read as much as she wants, but as much as it is necessary to learn the housework and the thing that benefits her the most in life does not give any degree. No matter how rich the servants' cooked food, which does not interfere with cleanliness, you should at least make food. His mother had taught him such things since childhood. His mother did not dismiss her on the pretext of studying. Therefore, whatever time she got in college, she enjoyed her studies without wasting time. In college, she was known as Miss Nerd. Mom sends her with a Lunch Box. She could not afford to go to the canteen anyway and it was a waste of time to come and go. They also had to come home and take care of household chores because both mother and father were ill. Her medicines were hardly affordable and then she felt like a mother and now she would try to do as much work as she could so that she could comfort her mother. Taking care of her father's needs reminds him of medicine on time, his clothes make shoes. She had become a machine. Realizing what could happen to the mother, she would also get sick. Amy would be angry with her mother for what she wants to do. I will come and do it myself. If she works, she is still ill. Otherwise, if she quits her job, she will fall on the bed. Food is not digested and more health deteriorates. The body slows down and takes root due to not working. Why do the women of the village often have normal children because they continue to do the housework in the same routine even though they are pregnant and the body exercises and the appetite is satisfied and the food is also eaten and the child also gets the benefit? Going on a diet keeps the body active and children are also normal as they eat routine bread curry and bread has the most energy. While the girls of the city stop eating and drinking, grab the bed, relax and drink the things that the doctor prescribes and...

The father starts a meaningless topic.

The mother said that these things will work in her life, I will not tell, then who will tell.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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