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The Arrival of Lost Love/ Part 3

Updated on August 29, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

Lost Love
Lost Love

Amy was sitting on her college grounds eating her lunch and was trying to swallow the snacks with the water bottle which she brought from home because her lunch brought from home was only lentils and vegetables which she used to hide from others. Embarrassed, she tried to eat quickly. Don't know how, seeing David coming from the front, her snack got stuck in her throat. She was in bad condition and her water bottler fell from her hand. A few boys stood away. David came running and picked up her bottle and said to her, "Can I take you to the doctor if there is any problem."

Amy drank water and shook his head and thanked him.

David was sitting down in front of her and asking about her condition while she was sitting on the front bench. Some boys were standing far away. Some girls and boys were passing by.

There was very little water in the Amy bottle and his throat had not improved yet. David ran to the canteen and brought two small bottles of water and opened one and handed it to her.

Amy's condition was getting worse. Tears were coming out of her eyes. When she regained consciousness, she looked at him with wet eyes and thanked him, barely speaking. He said well then it's good. And he moved on his way.

When Amy came home, she was thinking about him, and the bottle he brought she drank that and threw that away. The other was in her hand, she was lovingly handling it.

The next day when she was pouring water into it, her mother asked her where it came from. She looked down and replied that the snake was stuck in her throat, so a girl gave me hers.

She was afraid inside that her mother would not catch her lie or else she would stop her from going to college. Anyway, the final exams were about to take place and they were about to leave the university.

Amy noted that David's eyes kept searching for her after the incident. Her own eyes seemed to be searching for him, and her heart would rejoice as soon as she saw him.

One day she was sitting alone on the bench when David approached her and greeted her.

Sitting Alone
Sitting Alone

Amy stood up and instead of responding to her greetings, she said nervously, "Please leave. If anyone sees me, my mother will pick me up from college that day." I want to leave with honor. Anyway, we have less time left here. What help did I get from you? You started to increase the way. I am not such a girl. I only come here to read. Please go, she spoke irritably.

David said that you come here to study that is why I have thought a lot about you and I want to make you my spouse and you give me your phone number and I will send it to your family. I am not flirting with you either. Want to talk straight to your family. Please give me your or your parents' phone number so that I can send my parents to your home.

Amy then spoke nervously… I am not allowed to keep the phone. If my mother finds out, she will kill me if she gives me the phone number.

Please tell me, what's the address of your house?

No, no, I can't tell you anything. Someone will take a look from here. A few students were coming from far away and no one was paying attention to them.

David said, "Okay, don't worry. Just tell me. You have no objection to my move."

She helplessly said, no. He was smiling when she looked at David. "I mean, no matter what the family decides, I will not back down," she said.

David said well I will find the home address myself don't worry just wait for me.

She bid in a pleading manner. Please go here.

He said thank you for saying "Yes". Then he walked on his way smilingly.

Amy's hands and feet were shaking. Sweat came on his forehead. She took a bottle of water out of the bag and sat down to drink. When she started to control her senses, her feet became restless.

David thought I would somehow get the address from the clerk of this office. He went to the office and greeted the clerk and asked permission to speak to him alone.

He was surprised and came to one side and asked what the matter is?

David wiped a little sweat from his forehead and said, "I have chosen to build a house for a very good girl in my head, but she does not have a mobile phone. Even if she had, she would never give it to me." God knows she is very afraid of her family, especially her mother.

If you help me I will find my purpose and find a good life partner. If you want I can also give some financial help. By the way, I have never done such a thing. Please tell me what your demand is. He reached for his pocket and the clerk refused.

What is the name of this girl?

Amy, he said in a whisper.

The clerk said she is my daughter.

David felt like the ground has left out of his feet.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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